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  1. Hi all. As some of you might remember I have put my name down with Altair Astro for a TMB 130ss and have been in communication with Ian via e-mail and received prompt replies. It's reassuring for me to see Altair Astro posting on this forum but it is also obvious that there are still issues to be addressed. Jack.
  2. Throw more magnification at it that will bring the brightness down. Jack.
  3. Jack

    TMB 130ss

    Yikes! I missed this one. Sorry Doc. I will be mounting it on an EZ touch mount for visual and EQ6 for imaging. Waiting for Altair Astro to get hold of one, they tell me units are arriving soon. I'll post a review up as soon as I am able. Jack.
  4. Hi all, I have been in contact with Ian at Altair astro concerning the purchase of a TMB 130ss. Ian has kindly informed me (via e-mail) that the next shipment of TMB's will be arriving onto our shores in three months time. can't wait. Jack.
  5. Hi all! I am about to put in an order for a TMB 130ss with Altair Astro. I have already made enquiries over a week ago but haven't had a reply as of yet for an update to the availability of this product. I will keep you all updated with the progress of my purchase. Jack.
  6. Hi I have the Starry Night complete space and astronomy pack but recently I've been having problems with the display in that I am not able to read the information bar i.e. time date etc and I am also having problems with the graphics. The stars are all there but I am unable to see any of the other objects. Can anyone help?
  7. I keep my equipment in the spare room snugly packed in their appropriate coverings and away from any heating panels or direct sunlight. Best regards. Jack.
  8. I had set-up early this evening and began observing at about 9pm. Transparency wasn't great, the eerie orange (London) sky glow confirmed this, so I decided to make Saturn my subject of scrutiny. I also had my Sony 3.2 Cybershot at hand to try some afocal imaging. But try as I might I couldn't find decent focus to discern much detail i.e. banding. I noticed some scintillation even on as small an aperture scope as my Megrez 72. So at about 10-15pm I decided to pack up and call it a night, just as the clouds started to close in. Can anyone else confirm the poor seeing. Thanks.
  9. Dark you are not making things any easier for me, but I am glad someone got a look.
  10. AAAARRRRRGGGGGGG!!! Had the telescope cooling since lunchtime under promising skies and what do you know, yeah you guessed it, Ten minutes before the main event it clouded over. Now it's threatening to rain. Carp! Jack.
  11. And when you eventually purchase your telescope you will find your binos. won't be made redundant. It's an invaluable piece of equipment and a true grab 'n' go instrument. Jack.
  12. Hi guys, it might be worth sending a note to your immediate neighbours just to acquaint them with your hobby and perhaps even invite them for a session or two. It will serve as good etiquette and may even help you overcome your shyness! Jack.
  13. It's worth checking Lidl's out from time to time, they were selling the 'Starry Night complete space and astronomy pack' last year for an amazingly low price of around £3 or so (if my failing memory serves me correctly :scratch: ). Can anybody else confirm this? Regards, Jack.
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