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  1. hi yes the cameras were permanently broken after each freeze-up, the power used by the cameras, were interal battrey on the first, and the battry that conects to the mains. the usb`s were replaced, even the laptops were diffrent, im due to ring the company, for a second exchange, so reallyconcerned it will happen for a third time.
  2. Hi, everyone. The first camera; i bought the first cannon d60a, using APT to control it, within 3 hours of using ot, it froze, within the camera information screen. It was showing my setting, iso 800, ect, but the camera had disconnected from APT, and i had no control over the camera, could not bring up the menu. Even when i finally turned the power off the infomation remained visable, only when i removed the battrey did the infomation disappear as well. The set up was ; powered by cannon battrey, usb cable to laptop, the laptop was also linked to the cgem dx mount. the second camera; The same
  3. Hi please feel free to comment and give advise on my first pic i used 50mnm single stack lunt filter, with 600 blocking filter processed in AutoStakkert and then tweaked in RegiStax 6 opened in cs5 color balance R 100 G 63 B 33 many thanks to Ian (AstroLandrover) for help and Advise
  4. I must agree with Sub Dwarf, i also own a CGEM DX , but i found that when it got cold, like it dose here in wales, i could not turn the release, bolts, so i have installed the full ADM kit, as an upgrade, and now i would not part with it,
  5. firefox

    Talks / Workshops

    1-1 please DLSR cannon 60da and or 500d modded many thanks Firefox-Dave
  6. hi , yes would love to practice, please post cheers Dave
  7. morning every-one, some advise please, looking for a quick fix over my Atik 383l mono set-up, for when i dont have all day to set-up, would you go for the cannon 60da, or buy a converted 500d cheers Dave
  8. I would just like to wish each and every one of you and very merry Christmas and a happy new year and thanks for all your help and advise. Dave :smiley:
  9. I am trying to set up my 383l mono, I have installed Artemis Capture, on windows 7, 64 bit. When i first plug the camera into the USB port, you can see it resisted in the Hardware devices. But when I start Artemis Capture, the USB is dropping out, I have also tried to update the 383l driver, but the software does not see the camera, I have tried the normal things as in, fresh install, even on a second laptop ( both are windows 7) changed the cables, what I’m not shore about is, if there is a problem with the camera or not any advice please
  10. welcome to the site Adam.... great bunch of people on here, ready and willing to help
  11. Would at back focuser cause webcam problems? I uploaded this photo, asking for some advice, I spent 30 mins trying to focusing on Jupiter, after successfully imaging the moon. I was using my 11inch celestron 11inch Edge, with the back focuser attached and the camera was the DFK 21AU618.AS Colour USB Camera. I know the picture is out of focus, but my question is what could have caused this to happen, It would not focus in, the sky was clear, it was about -1, there was no dew on the glass. Any advice please
  12. Taken last night, my first ever pics using my webcam and my 11inch HD, taken over my way on the Epynt, nice and cold Dave
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