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  1. wonderful, thank you for sharing your wonderful craft
  2. I have taken a DSLR movie of Jupiter, I processed the AVI using registax and after limiting the no of files, itprocessed 69 files each 5 MB jpegs. Got the planet looking the best I can, but am disappointed with the 150Kb file size it has produced as I still need to crop and rotate the image, any tips on how to increase the file size that Registax produces. Jupiter Post Registax | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Link takes you to the processed image,
  3. thanks all, mallorcasaint yep changing to mpeg did the trick
  4. Hi Peter, Telrad I have succesfully converted from .mov to avi, mpg and wmv files, my Nikon Movie editor doesn't have a function to export frames, my guess is I will have to bite the bullet and get Adobe Premier or similar, don't suppose you know of any free movie maker programs that has an export frame function ?
  5. Hi Space Monkey a big welcome from a fellow South Coaster, good luck blagging your first telescope. If you get a chance try to book yourself in for an evening under the stars at the Planetarium at Chichester, it's amazing, if you are lucky you may bump into Ninian Boyle, he is proper Astro tech and runs his own telescope shop in Chichester. Speak soon Buddy
  6. Flashspix

    Newbie member

    Stargazers Lounge - Flashspix's Album: Jupiter - Picture Single shot using a DSLR attached to 6 inch Newtonian. I also have several minute of HD video, which I am still trying to work out how to export jpg or bmp images ready for stacking in registax. Any hints or tips here, I have used Movavi to convert the video from .mov to the following formats: wmv mpeg avi My guess is that I need a good movie maker package ?
  7. Flashspix

    Newbie member

    Thanks once more for all the welcomes, after some encouragement from Telrad I have attached my first Jupiter image, it's a single shot DSLR image. Stargazers Lounge - Flashspix's Album: Jupiter
  8. Flashspix


    Captured images of Jupiter using DSLR. The images are single shot and unprocessed.
  9. Flashspix

    Newbie member

    Thanks everybody pepes, really appreciate being made to feel part of the SGL crew
  10. Thanks Telrad and Peter, I'll try the moviavi convertor.
  11. Hi Looking for advice, I have used a Nikon DSLR on a 6 inch Newtonian reflector to capture several minutes of HD video of Jupiter which I would like to process using registax. The Output files are .MOV and registax does not support this format, are there any other image stacking programs that support the .MOV format ? Thanks
  12. do these roids relate to Trojan asteriods following and preceding the earth at stable lagrangian points ?
  13. Flashspix

    Newbie member

    Hi, Paul from pompey here, excited to join with minds who also like to roam the cosmos. My weapon of choice is a 6" newton reflector, I am old skool and attach a DSLR via an adaptor to the eyepeice to acheive my Astro-photography shots, which have been limited to the moon, saturn, jupiter and the Orion Nebula. Lookin at other pepes post we have some advanced Messier baggers, I salute you! looking forward to re-igniting my astro passion and climbing the messier charts Peace out!!!
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