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  1. Big Bino's are cool , here's mine on a Luna observing session ,, mmmm 25x mag and 100mm x2 light gathering thru both eyes , nice! . Brian.
  2. Yes a nice 'Grab and Go' set up really cant be beat , here's my Tak FS60C on GSO mount . Brian.
  3. I had a beautiful 70mm Pronto semi APO ? and still kick my self for selling her , as has been said here TelVue's are scopes for life . Brian.
  4. I use my Takahashi SKY90 on a GSO/Astrotec Alt/Az mount when I cant be bothered setting up its usual Vixen SP eq mount and it is a nice mount , similar to the VixenPorta but much cheeper and slightly bigger in size , but no heavier . It has nice slo mo controls like the Vixen . I have put my ( now sold ) 150mm f5 SW refractor on it and it held that well , so a 100mm scope wont be a problem . Oh yes they have a 14 inch extension that you can buy if your scope is in the f9-10 range to raise the eyepiece when viewing the zenith , have a google , these are a really good mount . Brian.
  5. I have a TV8mm and is eye relief is a little tight , but its typical TelVue , thats very good . it is as good as my 9mm orthoscopic on the moon and planets . Brian.
  6. I have a pair of Zumhell's 25x100's , nitrogen purged and very well made for the price $299 aud . Be aware that any 100mm binos need a mount as they are HUGE !! and HEAVY !! , but properly mounted give awsome 2 eyed views of the night sky . I made an adaptor to use my GSO/Astrotec mount on a William optics tripod and dew shield as the lenses are exposed to syray light and ,,, wel , dew . So much fun on a dark night crusing the southern milky way with these , enjoy what ever you decide to get . Here are mine , mounted . Brian.
  7. Could not post photos on last reply dont know why so here goes again . Brian.
  8. Hi Mick , I do just that using my Takahashi SKY90 and Lunt Hershell wedge for 'White light' solar viewing and my sweet little Coranado SolarMax40 for 'Ha' light solar viewing , its so good to just move my head 6 inches to the side to view either solar disc in different light . Sky90 is 500mm fl and the Coranado is 400mm fl . I made this set up myself for my Vixen SP mount and must have done something right as both images at 70x are in the center of each scopes eyepiece , so cool . I am a solar convert , its so addictive I spend all day at work looking at the sky hoping it will be clear when I get home so I can have a look as the sun is so dynamic !! . Here's a photo .
  9. Same 'gumtree' site here in OZ are selling a 7 inch "Q" for ,,, 2k . Gotta love em aye? . Imagine owning a Q7 for 2k aussie ? something for the grand kids . Scammers Brian.
  10. My vote is the refractor , things look better thru glass , I love the "airie dics" refractors show on the stars , and the rest is ok . Brian
  11. I also have a WO 1 1/4 inch dielectric on my Telementor , I machined up my own adaptor , the Zeiss thread is m44 x1 . Here it is in bino mode . Love my Zeiss! . Brian.
  12. That is a really good shot Erqui , you should be proud ! Brian.
  13. Hi Ed , is it the f/5 of f/8 ? I have the f/8 and its a great scope for all things , luna, planetary, and deep sky . Any chance of a photo? Brian
  14. You are right there Rowen , I use a CSA 900amp jumpstarter I got from " Super Cheap auto parts " from here in Australia for $69 and it lasts night after night rumnnong my Ioptron IEQ45 mount and Atik 314E CCD , under 1/2 an astronomy power tank . You should check these out Langman . Brian.
  15. The shipping is free at the moment Langman.Where are they only $1400? that seems very cheap . Brian.
  16. I hear you Olly , thats a fine mount ! , I have the IEQ45 thats a good mount , but its like comparing a Ford escort to an Aston Martin , still both cars , but ... I need to win the Lotto to afford one of these beauties , onya mate ! Brian.
  17. Woaw Michael thats awsome mate ! i would be more than happy with captures like yours , congrat's . You have got me going ... . Brian.
  18. Thanks Michael , these little Ha scopes do perform very well , dont they ?. On the imaging side I have to wait for the dry season to arrive in about may-june to try it out using my Atik 314E ,as the weather changes here at this time of the year so fast and I would hate to get all my imaging gear wet ,,, ouch ! I look forward to seeing how you go , as I will definatly need to pick some brains on how its done , I have read that solar imaging is totally differant to dark sky imagimg ?? a lot harder to capture detail . This Ha viewing is addictive , I cant wait for another look at Sol , she is ALIVE!!!! . Brian.
  19. Yes the 90 degree adaptor is a good mod and cheaper than buying one , and yes I still have my Zeiss , Tak SKY90 and Tak M210 to keep me buisy at night , not much of that happening at the monent tho .. . Blardy wet season ... Brian.
  20. Thanks Moonshane , yes the build is simply beautiful , solid machined brass , and heaver than its size would suggest , just beautiful , and a keeper I think . Brian.
  21. OOP's forgot the photos of the 90 degree adaptor , here they are . Brian.
  22. I could not wait to try this lovely Coranado " SolarMax 40 " out , and have only used it twice so far as the new scope curse is alive and kicking down here as well . But the couple of times have been spectacular !! , the promonances easily visible , and if I turn the elation tuner the surface features pop out , awsome stuff . I did not like the scope mounted on its side on my GSO/AstroTech alt/az mount so I knocked up a 90 degree bracket at work to mount the scope down flat . Its a lot better to use now as the "sol ranger" ( that works very well ) is now easier to see , its a sweetly designed finder scope , really safe to use . One thing I have noticed in the 2 times I have used this is the Coranado eyepieces do show promonances better than standard eyepieces , the 12.5 mm Coranado is better in this scope than my 12.5mm ortho , 10mm Vixen LV and 11mm Nagler , And up untill now I always thought the Coranado eyepieces were a bit of a sales pitch ?? just goes to show , the proof is in the pudding ( viewing ) they work very well. All in all I am very satisfied . I will knock up a side by side arrangement so I can mount this baby beside my Takahashi SKY90 using my Lunt Hershell wedge so I have Ha and white light side by side on my Vixen Polaris mount .. heaven . More to follow . Brian.
  23. Hi all after about 5 miniutes deliberation I sold my Takahashi FS60C to an IIS's down here thats been hounding me for a while to sell it to him . Just before Christmas came along one of these came up for a steal and I could not resist getting it , so I sold the Tak ( hard to do ) but that was the the only way I could afford this . Enjoy the photos . Brian.
  24. Meade are very good scopes , but their after sales service is fairly bad ! thats a common fact . Bintel are the suppliers here of Meade and do a very good aftersales service tho . Celestrons aint much better but if you get one from a good supplier like Andrews Comunications in Sydney the after sales service will be very good by them , and Andrews are offering free delivery at the moment , that with Aussies cheapest prices is the place to go . Brian.
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