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  1. Well zombies are us ,,, and we all love a good zombie movie so here goes Here is my list over 30 odd years , 60mm Trust f11 frak on horrible alt az mount ( but it got me started , don't know if its s good thing ? ) 1971 Meade 60mm f15 , eq2 ( still have this beauty in NZ ) awesome optics . 10 inch f10 newt on Dob mount , home built by me ( still have this , in NZ ) 5 inch f 13.5 newt on pipe mount , home built by me ( donated to a friend in NZ ) 6 inch f8 Dob , home built by me ( X has it ) 8 inch f6 Dob , home built by me ( sisters birthday present ) 90mm f10 refractor on alt az mount , home built by me , ( sold ) ED80 , awesome optics ( sold ) 150mm f8 'Chromocored' Saxon frak HEQ5 ( gave to nephew in NZ , he uses this well ) powerful scope . Stellarvue 80mm f6 'Aplanet' ( awesome lanthium glass , semi apo .) sold 150mm SW f5 frak ,EQ5 ( deep sky perfection ) sold . TelVue 70mm Pronto , ( the scope everyone should own ) beautiful build and optics , Sadly Sold . Long Perng 90mm f5 apo , ( beautiful build , sadly only semi apo ) sold . Takahashi FS60C , ( best 60mm scope ever made , punched way above its size ) sadly sold . Takahashi SKY90 on Vixen SP mount , ( 90mm f5 Fluorite goodness , perfect in every way ) my most used scope and keeper . Takahashi Mewlon 210 , IEQ45 mount , ( why did I , in a fit of madness EVER ??? sell this scope ,, DHHHH ), why ? . Istar 127mm f8 achromat frak HEQ5 mount , ( home built by me ) my 2nd most loved scope , performs so very well , another keeper . Arriving next week , Celestron 9 1/4 Carbon fiber OTA , to replace my foolishly sold M210 , will be interesting to see how it performs after using the Tak , I have only heard good things about these , review to follow . Binos , 8x40's ( awesome ) sold . 7x50's ex-ground controller pair ( very , very awesome but I dropped them off a boat ,,,,, ) 8x56's , nice and still have them . 12x32 Bushnell's , sweet little pair that I still have . Zumhell 25x100's mounted , ( the best and I foolishly sold these as well ?? ) Think that's all . Brian.
  2. I have had 2 of the WO carbon fibre 1 1/4 inch diagonals in the past and regret selling them on so well made , both performed very well a noticeable increase in clarity and sharpness in both my Takahashi refractors over a plastic cheapo that also lives at the bottom of my astro junk draw . I now use a GSO ( Revelations ) 2 inch quartz and its a beautiful diagonal in my Tak sky90 , as good as any I have ever seen , a major bargain that you wont regret buying , my 5c worth . Brian.
  3. This OTA but with a R35 lense in it , my doublet is very good and I can only imagine what the R35's are like . I would be happy with that . Refractors rule . Brian.
  4. Looks nice mounted on the EQ6AZ , just need longer hard wood legs for the tripod ( 400-500mm ? longer) . that's always the problem with mounts today , legs to short and spindly . Our old mate Matt down here building his 6 inch f12 has an EQ6 and has made TALL!!! Tasmanian oak tripod legs for his Istar and it works ok for visual I am told , looks sweet as well . Brian.
  5. That's really good Pete , thanks for posting . It must be dark where you are ? Brian.
  6. Nice choice and thanks Robin , These scopes get good reviews every where . Good luck and please let us know what you decide , and 1st light report . Brian.
  7. Will do Olly , only if I can accompany it and help you set it up . Brian.
  8. Oh well , seeing as the sun never tickled anyones fancy , hows this ? then . A star party a couple of weeks ago here in Perth Australia , my SKY90 is in the for ground . This shot was early , a Meade LB 16 incher and C8 arrived after this photo was taken , great night . My Tak SKY90 in good company . Great people and awesome scopes , clear semi dark urban skies what more can one ask for ? You can even see venus rising above the short trees in the first photo , cool Brian.
  9. Thank you Mark , I am honoured . Any more sessions ? . Brian.
  10. One just sold down here on IIS , Bare scope with clam shell for $335 , man what a bargain . I had one of these little beauties once and are still kicking my self for selling it . By the way $335aud is about 155 British pounds , someone got A GIFT ! . Brian
  11. Hate to be blunt , but for what you have to spend you wont get a 100mm f5-f6 true APO refractor (unless you are very , very , very lucky on the 2nd hand market) . To get true APO performance you need a TV , Tak , AP or on e of a few more scope 's , and you need to add another '0' on your figure , sorry to say , Have you given thought to a nice 100mm-110mm ED doublet ( and there are plenty of nice ones out there) with a WO or TV focal reducer ? bring a f7 down to f5.5 ? much cheeper than a top line APO at f5 with great performance to match . But I have to say that the 'Revelations 100/600' looks good , but it wont give true APO performance , close and that' would be enough for me . I know these things because I have a Tak 'Fluorite' SKY90 , and its performance comes at a price ,, a very BIG price ! . My 5c worth , take it or leave it . Brian.
  12. At one stage I had about 10-12 scopes just here in OZ and now that I am working in Australia I whittled it down to 3 here , Takahashi Mewlon 210 , Istar 127mm f8 Doublet and my beautiful TakahashiSKY90 . In NZ , 10 inch f10 newt , 6 inch f8 refractor and 5inch f13 newt .Was about 10 there before I moved Gad! , Its an addiction for SURE!!! . Brian.
  13. You are right , these li'l binos show plenty and these are my first ever tiny binos that I have owned and are quite smitten by them . Good for day time views as well as night . Brian.
  14. Yes me to Olly, I will use the when I cycle ride as well in my back pack and in the car's glove box . But us beggers cant be choosers and $40aud is only about 18 British pounds , so I aint complaining with that as the build quality is worth much , much more . Not Leica quality likeyours but still very nice li'l binos , so cute . Brian.
  15. Hi , I was in the local camping store yesterday looking for a few things as we are planning a trip away this weekend , nice . Anyway on a shelf above the teller were a few pairs of bino's and the price of one pair caught my eye ,, only $40au. I asked for a look thru and took them out side for a look and woaw ! the views were really bright and sharp , so I grabbed them. They are 'Bushnell' 16x32mm roof prisim binoculars and for the $40 price I was immeadiatly impressed by the build quality . They come with a leatherette case , strap , full right eye and centre focus , rubber armoured with rough non slip grips , fully multi-coated optics , 12mm eye relief , 3mm exit pupil and lo and behold instructions in easy to read English ( not the usual Chinglish that comes with some products ) . I got up this morning at 2am and looked at M42 first , nice and bright ( about like a 60mm refractor ) with the trapezium stars hinted at , at 16x they were a little hard to hold steady until I leaned against a post . Both Magellanic clouds looked nice , the Trantula nebula was nice as was 47Tuc ( globular ) beside the small cloud it looked like a cotton ball . M45 was nicely framed with a flat field and stars in focus right across the field , looked really nice .. M41 beside Sirius contrasted well beside the brightest star in the sky with a tiny amount of CA seen in Sirius . Stars looked like stars , not sea-gulls or comets . Jupiters moons easily seen but no banding was seen . All in all I like these little beauties and they will be great for keeping in the cars glove box for the times I am out at night and don't have a scope with me , plenty of magnification with great quality lenses and build , sweet little binoculars . Here are a few photos . Brian.
  16. This SCAM!!! popped up down here a while ago and some of our friends at 'Sing Astro' ( Singapore's amateure astronomy web site ) went to their so called warehouse and guess what ??? ,,, it does not exist , steer clear as said ' if it looks to good to be true , it probably is ' . They don't know what a Dob is , and a lot or the gear they are selling is no longer made , by many years . DONT TOUCH !!! save your money and buy local . Just for a lark open their main page and open the 'Dall-Kirkham' link in Telescopes . Now google 'Anacortes Telescopes' a well respected USA supplier and open their 'Dall-Kirkham' link . You can see where these SCAMMERS!! got their info , and if Anacortes cant beat these robbers , no-one can . Brian
  17. Mine has the spacer and I think your should as well , it gives a little clearance for smooth operation . Plastic milk bottles make awesome spacers in mounts , nice and thin and very smooth in operation . Brian.
  18. Try undoing the Phillips head screw holding the lock lever on and removing the lock lever . Then turn the brass square headed lock shaft ( its threaded at the bottom , inside the mount ) one square 'in' eg. 90 degrees clock wise and refit the lock lever and try the feel , it will lock without as much movement this time , if you still have excess movement ( eg. run out of movement because the lever hits the stop before locking the shaft ) do the job again , but normally only a 90 degree turn in will be enough . Good luck and let us know how you go . Brian.
  19. Well done , that's a great close up shot ! . You are hooked , so please post more . Brian.
  20. Hi all , here is the moon taken from Perth Australia on the night of 13th November 2013 . Taken with my Nokia windows phone , hand held up to my TelVue 12mm Radian and Istar 127mm f/8 doublet refractor . These are as shot ( Raw ) only cropped slightly to frame the moon better within the photo. Comments and thoughts most welcome . Brian.
  21. Hi Darrin and welcome from a fellow aussie , what scope are you thinking of getting ? Brian.
  22. Brian Nordstrom


    As Ronin says above your 9.7mm gives about 40x , we come to this by multiplying the focal length of the scope , 400mm by the focal length of the eyepiece , 9.7mm, that gives us 41, so this combimation gives 41x . The 26mm gives about 16x ( 400mm divided by 26mm ). The quality of the Meade 80mm diameter and 400mm focal length is of easily good enough quality to show the moon VERY GOOD at 40x , it should be super sharp with tons of detail almost filling the entire field . Are you sure the caps are off the eyepiece ? I have seen this before and its nothing to be ashamed about , was there any clouds about , thin high ones ? is the Barlow fitted when you saw the moon was not clear >( some are of very bad quality ) , you were out side viewing and not looking thru a window from inside ? , are the glass lenses of the scope and eyepiece clean ? , what was the moons phase as the full moon wont show much in any scope you need to view the moon about now ( 4 days prior up to about 2 days from today 12th November 2013 ) . As you see there are many variables , and a photo of your set up will help a lot in determining the problem . Have you tried the 26mm ? at 16x the moon will be quite small but it should be super sharp , give it a try . But photos will help the most , the whole scope with eyepiece fitted , the main lense ( objective ) , the eyepiece objectives ( both ends ) . Stick with it , the reason I have gone on a bit , is that I have a friend down here with an ETX80 and its a sweet little scope , easily taking 100-150 ( My TelVue 3mm Radian giving 133x ) times on a good night and yours should as well ,,,,, not breaking down at only 40x , so there is a problem and its hard to diagnose without photos . Brian.
  23. And another warm welcome , this time from Australia , great group of people here so don't be shy to wade in with lots of questions . On you scope , as already said you will see lots thru that 130mm , it will provide years of observing but be ready for a fairly steep learning curve , take your time as the sky aint going any where in a hurry but most of all enjoy . Brian.
  24. Thank you all , it clouded over yesterday , might get another look today . I have my Istar 127mm f8 ready and I will post some shots thru it and my Lunt Hershell wedge using this scope ,, all going well . Brian.
  25. Thanks for the great un-bias'd review Mark and as a fellow Istar owner ( 127mm f8 ) I can vouch for the quality of the objective's , mine is as perfect as a 127mm f8 doublet can be , just awesome . Hope you grab an extension pier and get to use the scope in an easier position , thay I am sure will help a lot in your enjoyment of this beauty . Any chance of a few photos ? . And you are right , 'Refractors are real telescopes' ps. I have a friend down here in Australia building a 150mm f10 and cant wait to see it finished . Here is mine . Brian.
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