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  1. NEQ5 ? , I have not heard of this mount , is it not a typo ? and should be HEQ5 ? , if so its a good deal . I have the HEQ5 under my Celestron C9.25 and its a great set up and the 200mm SW newt wont be any heavier , just a little longer . Can you clarify please ? If its the EQ5 style mount it would still be ok for visual as these 200mm f5 newtonions perform very well . Brian.
  2. On my now sold and beautiful Takahashi M210 the difference between 99% and 100% was profound ! ! , at perfect collimation the subtile details on Jupiter that were seen were way better when the scope was at 100% , it was well worth spending time getting it perfect using a star test , night and day ( excuse the pun ) with the M210 and man that 8 inch scope with its 2415,, f/l could pull details like no other when spot on . It held collimation very well being so well made . Yes get it right and you will be rewarded at those times of perfect seeing . Brian.
  3. Yes , for sure the R/R of focusers , I had a FT3035 on my now sold NG 127mm triplet and it was the best focuser I have ever used . In 2 years I did not have to touch it except to focus , just perfectly designed and made , expensive but they sure are the best . Money well spent , you will get years out of this . Brian.
  4. My C9.25 also has zero mirror flop as well and being so impressed with this scope have a new FT micro focuser on the way and will report back here after its fitted and I have used it a bit . On a side note I had a sadly now sold NG 127mm triplet with a FT3035 focuser and it is to this day the best focuser I have ever used ,, period ! just so well made and precise ,, beautiful gear . Brian.
  5. Thanks Astrobug . Well it was another perfect night here in Perth so we got together again last night . Scopes were , 110 WO APO , 66mm APO , 10 and 16 inch Dob's , a C8 and my C9.25 and again I was super impressed in the views . The moon at 200x was better than the 110mm WO fluorite APO and Jupiter in the seconds of good seeing at 150-200x looked like a photo , Io was approaching Jupiter and was seen as a small orange ball with Ganymede and Europa together slightly further out as 2 different sized white balls , awesome stuff . Mars was Ok but not as good as last week as the seeing deteriated to the point we had to pack up about 12.30am as Mars was getting higher but nothing was seen except a flaming red ball ,, horrible !. Again this scope impressed me and everyone else , a keeper for sure . Thanks for reading . Brian.
  6. Hell NO !! a great eyepiece in a very good scope , you wont be disappointed . Brian.
  7. Hi John , sorry to hear of your problems mate , the only light at the end of this tunnel is that you guys up north actually got to use these LX80's , sorry to say as not one that I know of ( thru IIS ) actually got delivered down here to Australia and I personally know 2 amateur's that waited over 18 months after countless promises on the delivery time , in the end the local supplier down here and pulled the plug took the losses and they are now a fading ( BAD ) memory . Good luck John on you mission ( that you chose to accept , lol . ) , awesome looking and sexy piece of typical Meade HYPE , I still remember the series 3000 Meade triplets that ended up being 'Vaporware' . Brian.
  8. Thanks Pig and Robbo , its fun showing people that have never looked thru a scope the moon and Jupiter . On a side note for the last 3-4 weeks my photos taken with my windows phone have been hazy ? like the ones last night , anyway I found a large piece of 'Crud' on the camera lense today ,,, not so Perfect . But all cleaned off now , perfectly clean thanks to my shirt cuff ,, perfect,, lol . Here is a couple of the set up for night 3 at the motor camp , hopefully a few more will wander by and have a look thru the sweet Tak sky90 . Perfect weather again ,, perfick . Brian .
  9. Great choice , these are all the rage over the net down here in Australia at the moment and as far as I know none are here yet , looking forward to first set up/light reports . Sweet looking scope and comgratulations on grabbing one of the first on the planet . Brian.
  10. I am on holiday at the moment , here is my perfection . I have shown close to 40 people from all over the world the moon , Jupiter and M42 over the last 2 nights from this camping ground in Mandurah WA , perfect . edit , First photo is tonight , second is last night, well the photos down loaded backwards so the 1st is tonight ,, just perfect . Brian.
  11. That might be ok for you guy's up in the northern hemisphere but us fella's down south here are having no end of problems with this new 'Starsence GOTO' , its so full of bugs its un-usable , lots of people down under here aint very happy with it ,,,, so far not a good start . I have a friend with his nice and shiny new 130 ( GREAT OPTICS BY THE WAY ) we spent hours with it last Saturday night along with a C8 XLT , my C9.25 XLT and this fancy new 'Starsence' would NOT!! work , such a shame ... Brian.
  12. We turn right from here in the south , eg. Australia, lol . Brian.
  13. I did quite a bit of experimenting on spiders before I decided that the curved spider is the best , for example a 4 vane spider gives 4 diffraction spikes ,,,,, BUT ! , a 3 vane gives 6 spikes !!! don't know the science behind it , but it happens yes 6 spikes ! , something to do with the wave nature of light ? Yes 6 spikes is a real pain , but as Foulksey says pretty to look at and most like that but to do real close and different magnitude double star work ( where a 12 inch excels ) , not so good . As I said I don't like them , I see them as the reflectors curse , like refractors and their curse'd CA ... Brian.
  14. The brightes stars , Jupiter , Venus it is very distracting and blurs tight doubles and Murphies Law dictates that the fainter secondary star you are trying to find beside the bright primary is " In line with the diffraction spike" Brian.
  15. Ha ha ha , all you do is measure the diameter of the OTA , ( my 5 inch has a 6inch tube OTA ) so 6inches x .5 = 9inches so the curved spider is rolled to a 9inch diameter and cut so the secondary is in the centre of the 6inch OTA and mounted in two places inside the 6inch OTA tube . If you look at the photos of the 'Protostar' one its the diameter of the curved piece that holds the secondary . Cassiewoofer's 12 inch curved spider is almost identical to what I did on my 2 Newts , awesome stuff !. I just TIG welded 2 tabs ( one each end ) and bolted to the inside of the OTA at the right place , and a 1/4 inch tube in the centre to mount the secondary holder that's a 1/4 threaded rod attached to a piece of wooden broom handle inside a piece of PVC pipe slightly smaller than the secondary mirror about 30mm long and cut at 45* with the mirror silicone'd on and a small steel tab screwed to the PVC at the bottom to hold it in place . A 1-1 scale drawing helped a lot in finding all the right dimentions . My 10 inch Newt's OTAis 12 inches so the spider's curve is 12inches x.5 = 18inches in diameter ,,, or there about's . Hope I explained this , I know the photo of my 5inch is in a hard drive in a draw somewhere ,, just gotta dig it out . Brian.
  16. Hi again Joves , I have the 19-22-24 and 27 Pans ( all 2nd hand off IIS ) and wont ever give them up , you are right cracking Gem's of an eyepiece , I just love mine . Brian.
  17. Hi Paco . I use TV Naglers and Panoptics in my Takahashi SKY90 to awesome results the views are so good I forget that I am only using 90mm of perfect Fluorite APO scope . My mate has a full set of Ethos's (????) and the vierw are as good as the naglers , better on some objects around the southern milkyway but I am happy with what I have and as said balance can become an issue with small scopes and HUGE! eyepieces but they really perform well together . Brian.
  18. Stu that's almost exactly what I made for my 5 and 10 inch newts , I made the curve diameter 1.5x the diameter of the OTA eg. the 5inch with its 6inch top tube has a dia. of 9 inches . I read this some where and it seems to work very well , this design really works for knocking off those pesky diffraction spikes , see my reply on your other thread . Brian.
  19. I don't like diffraction spikes at all , I dislike them so much I sold a Takahashi Mewlon 210 and now have a Celestron C9.25 and find the views much more pleasing in the C9.25 . To me of course . I have built a few Newtonion's in my time and made curved spiders on a 5 inch f13 planetary and my mighty 10inch f10 and don't see any diffraction spikes on either , I used 15mm wide 12 inch stainless steel ruler's the type that open out to 24 inches long as these are light and strong . I will post a photo of the 5 inch secondary set up if I can find one . Here is the 5 inch , just gotta find the spider set up photo ..... Brian.
  20. Thanks again guys , and Olly last night we did a side by side comparisim with a friends C8 XLT and my C9.25 XLT and I have to say the C9.25 just ate the C8 in every way , better star images , F and G easily seen in the C9 , only F seen in the C8 . Eyepieces used were my 16mm nagler T2 at 146x in the C9.25 and 13mm Ethos at 153x in the C8 , we used this combo most of the night except a few deep sky objects where I used my Celestron Axium LX 31mm , 82* for 76x and Peter used his wonderful Ethos 21mm ,100* at 95x . Diagonals were TelVue MaxBright 2 inch in the C8 and generic GSO Dielectric 2 inch in my C9.25 so in all ways the C8 should have had the edge sharpness wise using the better ( newer ? ) eyepeices and diagonal . M42 showed way better contrast as did the Trantula nebular in the LMC , there was no comparisim on Jupiter's surface and we could see a moon traverse the face all night ( callisto ? ) easily in the C9.25 but was basically invisable in the C8 ( without seeing it first in the larger scope you would not see it in the smaller one ) . Mars was better as well , the polar cap easily seen in the C9.25 and only hinted at in the C8 . I am not bagging the C8 at all , it was well columinated , performs brilliantly and is in the dome in the above photo full time , both scopes left for 2 hours before the test started and its GOTO's are impressivly accurate time and time again , very good scope all round but sadly not up to the C9.25's standard optically . The C8 owner was very impressed with the way the C9.25 performed as was I and everyone else . Its true , these C9.25's are special , ( well mine is ) and 1.25 inches seems to be a lot at this level ? . More reports and photos soon as we are planning a dark sky night out of town in the near future while this beautiful weather holds . Oh yes sorry about the quality of the photo's ,,, It was super clear and the sun was setting ,,, sorry...LOL . Brian.
  21. Ok , thanks for that babbywrinkle I bave met Keith at BOTW , he is a great guy and driven passed the chittering road so I know where they are . I am having a star party tonight with a few Perth amateurs , looking forward to showing the C9.25 off and getting together . Brian.
  22. Thanks every one , yes it is a very nice visual scope . I had it out again last night / this morning and saw Saturn and Mars , as usual Saturn was beautiful but Mars really struck me as just AWSOME !! , dark markings easily seen and my word has it not growen over the last few months ? can wait for it to get at its closest in march , will be nice . Sorry about the blue skies mate's but yes its been just perfect here now for a while and we hope it will continue for some time soon . Bunnygod1 , Monditch13 and branuk , I am proud to be the owner and now C9.25 scope member ,,, LOL . Baggywrinkle , I have been up to the Perth observatory and know Peter K ( ex director ) very well but it is closed at the moment pending funds from the local council for a bit of up keep , shame as they are dragging the chain on this . Joves , yes it is the same one that was in IIS , and yes mate a great buy for a lot of scope . Every one else , thank you so here is one more for the road . I can see this scope really growing on me , I like it a lot . Brian.
  23. Hi all , just thought I would show off my nice new ( to me anyway ) Celestron C9.25 carbon fibre OTA . I got it second hand from a lady in NSW Australia for a good price . It arrived here in Perth WA after 7 days crossing the huge continent of Australia . It arrived in perfect condition , even the columination was spot on , impressive ! . I had it out last night for the first time and mounted on my HEQ5 its a great set up , quite easily moved as a unit , heavy but manageable . I started with Jupiter and using my 27mm Panoptic , 67x and I was treated to a very sharp view of the planet with 2 moons either side and a sprinkling of stars in the back ground , nice . lots of detail seen on the planets face . Upping the power to 147x with a 16mm nagler the image improved lots , festoons , dark spots ( sausages ) easily seen , very , very nice ! . I went to 240x with a 10mm Radian but the seeing was not the best , the scope was only idiling along at this power , but the sky was not ! , so back to 147 and stayed there . On to M42 at 67x and it was huge and very bright , 'E' and 'F' stars easily seen in the trapezium , another 'knock your sox off view' , these Starbright XLT coatings really work . Later on I resolved Omega Centarui and 47 Tuk to their cores and seen the 'Pup' for the first time beside Sirius awesome stuff , man this 9.25 performs . I like the set up solid and sexy , here is a few photos and I hope you all enjoy . Brian .
  24. I have a 20mm and 40mm TV plossl's in my case with my Tak SKY90 so they and a 9mm nagler are always ready for use ( the whole scope mount and tripod live in a locked case on the back of my ute , ready for action ) and find the plossl's very , very good in the Tak even at f5.5 , great eyepieces for sure for very little money . Brian.
  25. Beautiful , looks like the goods on the VX mount . I have a 9.25 inch CF OTA arriving next week , it will sit on a SW HEQ5 and I cant wait to view Jupiter and later on Mars and Saturn again . Congratulations on your new scope . Brian.
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