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  1. By using the large sun spot group as a reference you can see the moons track across the sun as you go from photo to photo ,, enjoy . Brian.
  2. Finally a couple of close ups of the main sunspot group as the moon moved towards them , cool to watch the moon cover these . It was hard to hold the phone over the 3mm LP eyepiece , such a small exit pupil but I managed these 2 out of about 20 and gave up . Brian.
  3. These are from maximum to last contact . Hope you all enjoy , it was a great afternoon , the weather was good just a few passing clouds seen in some of the shots . Brian.
  4. Hi all , we had a partial solar eclipse visible here in Australia on 29th April 2014 59% at maximum starting at 1.15pm and finishing at 4pm and here are a few of the better shots that I took from Perth . Equipment used was my Istar 127mm f8 achromat fitted with a Lunt 1 1/4 inch Hershell wedge , 12.5mm ED and 3mm Long Perng eyepiece's with polarizing filter . Camera was my Windows 1020 smart phone hand held over the eyepieces . This first lot are from 1st contact to maximum eclipse . Hope you all enjoy . Brian.
  5. To true Peter , weather its the pin point stars or the crisp planetary views they just do it for me as well . Oh yes , refractors are 'Real' telescopes , especially white ones ... LOL . Brian.
  6. Here is the lens at yesterdays partial solar eclipse . Brian.
  7. Thanks guys , yes a labour of love , I have totally enjoyed building this scope and the total cost was $1100 aud including mount and tripod , I got some marvelous deals when building this beauty. Brian.
  8. I suppose most refractor lovers have been following my 127mm Istar build in another thread here , well I consider my Istar 127mm f8 Istar objective fitted Saxon tubed , Long Perng focused telescope and machined counter cell ( by me ) is it finished ? who knows but its been a labour of love and its a wonderful scope in every way , so here she is all finished ........perhaps ....... ps. as you can see I use this scope a lot . Brian.
  9. Sweet looking rig John , I think the EQ6 looks well proportioned as does the whole set up , cant wait for 1st light report . Just remember to take time balencing this 'BEAST very carefully' , and when it is it will perform very well . Brian
  10. That is one beautiful telescope , its the first one I have ever seen , very rare for sure . Congratulations on a nice job . Brian.
  11. As promised here is a few shots or todays partial solar eclipse from here in Perth Australia . First contact was 1.17pm and last was 4pm with 59% at maximum . These photos are mainly the scope and Hershell wedge set up as I will post most good photos of the eclipse itself in the solar section ,, tomorrow as I left the scope out and I AM ENJOYING PROBSBLY THE BEST VIEWS OF Mars and Saturn I have ever seen , both at 300x with my 3mm TV Radian tonight is so dark and still , easily a 9 out of 10 . Here are a few photos of the 'mighty' 127mm f8 Istar doublet in action , man this in a great telescope !!!. Brian.
  12. Bobs Knobs were the 1st thing I got for my C9.25 and I am glad I did , they are fabulous . So easy to use , much better than s screwdriver and as said earlier they hold columation very well . Here they are . Brian.
  13. Thanks for the great review , nice little scopes for sure . On the cap falling off a couple of pieces of sticky back felt from a hardware store on the inside of the cap will fix that right up . Brian.
  14. Partial Solar eclipse today here in Perth ,starts at 1.17pm and finishes at 4.30pm 59% coverage , I have my Istar ready to set up with Lunt Hershell wedge . Hope the clouds clear , but its looking promising , lots of clear skies between the high clouds . I will post photos later on today , wish us luck . Brian.
  15. You wont regret it Trazor . We are having another dark sky night this Saturday and I will be taking the C9.25 along . I will report back with photos and all , just to tip you over the edge LOL . Brian.
  16. Funny you say that , my phone is a Nokia 920 with a 41 mega pixel camera with a lense made by Zeiss . Thay call this phone a 'Camera' with a phone attached and I believe them , its am awesome camera ,,, phone aint bad either . After this weekend I had a look and [removed word] me there was a smear of 'Peanut butter ' on the lense , its all good now . Brian.
  17. Thanks Marki and Naemeth , I posted those 2 scope photos to show the difference between the altitude settings or Darwin 12 degrees south (2nd photo) and Perth (32 degrees south) shows how big this beautiful continent of Australia is . I love my Istar and if I could only have one scope ,,, this would be it . Thanks again guys . Brian.
  18. Here you go , I finially got my A into G and dug out the photos of my sweet 5 inch f13.3 newt , built by me , everything , she has the curved secondary holder . I cant remember where I read the diameter of the spider but mine works excellently . With only a 19mm secondary , low profile focuser it gives awesome lunar/planetary views above 300x on good nights , she is a planet killer . Star testing shows a perfect aeiry disc with one faint ring at 500x , its a nice scope to view thru and use . Here is a photo . Brian .
  19. Thanks Naemeth , how's about a thread (pole) on the worlds sexiest telescope ? Here is mine and the .79 day old moon setting in twilight , she has great contrast . Taken as I waited for the big boys to set up . And the first photo is taken here in Perth on a dark sky night ,,, twilight again ,,, it is an awesome spot . Brian.
  20. Man I love these photos , I will post more of this perfect day . Brian
  21. We did our dark sky night a few weeks ago on new noon and it was awesome . Here is a shot of my Istar 127nn and camping set up . We had an lovely ES 66mm quad , WO 110 triplet ( that's why I took the 127mm f8 achro , to do some some side by side comparisims , but that's another story) and a 10 inch f4.5 SW Dob with excellent mirrors , this scope is special . 2 fold out loungers to use 12x32 Bushnells , 8x32 Lensia , 10x50 Nikon and my 8x56 binoculars ,, what a night !! . You can see the 10 inch and 110 triplet in the previous photos . Had a ball , super dark as we coulkd easily see 'Omega Centarui ' , 47 Tuc and the trantular nebula in the LMC naked eye ,, really , really dark !! As the milky way rose it became hard to see the constilatons ,, star overload . Brian .
  22. Glad its all good , here is my C9.25 , nice and bright . Brian.
  23. Well my new FT micro focuser arrived today , beautiful as usual . But sad to say my new Nokia 1020 windows phone ( with 40+ mega pixles) won't communicate with my computer ?? yes it charges ok but ???? . Not to worry I will sort this , man its a nice bit of gear and it will be fitted tomorrow as my C9.25 is out doing Jupiter so well ,, Thanks for the photos so far ,, cool stuff . Photos coming soon .of mine , I cant stop playing with it , its typical Feathertouch in a small package .. Brian.
  24. Thanks Rich , as I say the 200mm newts perform well and over the years I have looked thru and helped lots of the owners of these scopes , Konus , SW , Orion , Saxon amongst many names of basically the same scope , all very good as I said for visual . I am a little one sided here being a strictly visual guy and if you are the same it will be a great scope . On the help side , its mainly simple things like the main mirror springs ( to light ) , tube not dark enough inside , focuser'(s) , the synta glue/gunk inside the mounts , tripod legs to light weight ( does this one have the light alloy ones or better stainless steel legs? ) etc , etc ,etc . Easy fixes if you are ok with your hands . Its not that these are bad scope , far from it , its just they need a bit of work to allow the excellent 200mm mirror set to work at their best . Yes a DOB base will work if that's what you want , but these are a powerful scope capable of 200-300x and an EQ mount is a must , again in my opinion . Brian.
  25. Did you try the old 'Chestnut' ,, the American way of imputing the dates is Month-Day-Year , not ! , Day-Month-Year like the rest of the world , sorry if I am stating the obvious but many have been caught out on this down here . Good luck . Brian.
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