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  1. Here is the set up taken 5 minutes ago 2nd light tonight , out side ready for a nights viewing , and a couple of shots of the moon taken just now , as always my Nokia 1020 phone , hand held over a TV Radian 10mm giving 42x its still daylight. Brian.
  2. A few more photos , I really like this little scope , 2nd light tonight I think . Its kinda like reverse 'Aperture Fever' , quite strange actually . Brian.
  3. Hi all , I am not sure if anyone has reviewed one of these scopes yet , its a Long Perng 60mm f7 triplet . This is the same scope that Altair Astro's and TS house sell except I got mine from the local LP suppliers here in OZ for $499 delivered , it arrived in 6 days not to bad . Ok the scope (as pictured) is black anodized alloy , very nice but it shows finger prints easily , but it came with a cleaning rag thankfully . , not the white of AA's or TS , same optics and hardware . On that it is very , very well made , fit and finish is top rate from the 360* rotating 11/1 Crayford focuser thru the tube and finially the beautiful triplet FPL53 optics , very nice solid little scope ( see photos on how small it really is , My SKY 90 dwarfs it ! ) that screams 'Quality' !!! , very nice I just want to cuddle it . It is a bit strange in is that it has a M50x1mm threaded visual back , like a SCT , its not a problem as I suppose the scope is aimed at the AP crowd , I think it would make a great telephoto for prime focal AP ( see photos ) One more thing , the dew shield cover is solid alloy , just like the sky90;s a nice touch of class ( see photo ). Some here may remember I had a Takahashi FS60C and Zeiss 62mm Telementor ll , the best 60mm scopes on the planet , I would say and missing the ease of use the Tak especially I have been craving another quality small 60mm class refractor , so grabbed this one . I am not disappointed one bit with the build , world class , nice . How does it perform ? , I had it out last night for 1st light on my Vixen SP mount mounted side by side with my Takahashi SKY90 , (see photos) so it had a bit of a disadvantage straight up . Ok 1st target using my 24mm TV Panoptic giving 17.5 x was the moon , WOAW!! so bright and sharp ! huge field with plenty of stars seen close to the moon , a testament to the well placed and executed baffles . On to a star test , using my 3mm TV Radian giving 140x ( 54 x per inch) using Beta Centarui at 1st Mag as the star I was greeted with a perfectly white ( ZERO CA ) perfect aeiry disc with one faint diffraction ring around ,, very beautiful as I had forgotten how well a quality 60mm scope shows stars . Turning the focus out about 8 rings and in the same I was shown perfectly symmetrical rings with a slightly wider outer ring on the in focus side , showing very slight 'Over ' correction at about 1/5-1/6th wave going by Sutier's book nice optics , I could not detect any zones , all in all a very nice well corrected triplet , I am impressed . . Saturn at 100x was super sharp and bright , but at 120-140x the image was still sharp but notably dimmer ,, only 60mm don't forget , cassine;s division was easy at these magnifications as well as the darker markings on the globe , all in all a very good image , I would ( from Memory) say it has at least 95%of the Takahashi FS60C's performance , not bad for under 1/4 the price , good stuff and the Chinese have come a long way in the last 5-10 years , good for us . . On to Mars , it was small Rugby ball shaped and showed a polar cap , one thing was is that it did not dim at 140x like Saturn did ? but stayed bright with ZERO CA seen , and Mars is a hard planet on any scope as it shows CA easily , but this little beauty is clean , Impressive . I tried Alpha Centauri ( a nice 1st mag = double ) and at 140x was a beautiful sight , 2 perfect aeiry discs with dark sky between surrounded by 2 touching faint rings , beautiful , as was Alpha Crux a 2nd magnitude unequal triple , at 140x was very good as well . Also attached is the best moon shot and Mars , both taken hi-tech ? using my Nokia 1020 phone hand held over the eyepieces .. note the lack of CA . The one negative so far is this ,,, all tho I like the really nice gloss black anodised finish ,,, its a wicked 'FINGER PRINT MAGNET !!! , they show up so easily ,, at least there is a cleaning rag in the case . . So first light went very well , I like this little scope and would not hesitate telling a friend to grab one , enjoy the photos and please ask as many questions as you want , I will try and answer them truthfully . Brian.
  4. Update , I have fitted a nice Feather touch 10/1 micro focuser onto my C9.25 and all I can say is WOAW !!! what a beautiful upgrade , not to expensive and easy to fit , it took me less than 10 miniutes using FT's instruction's on their web page really easy . I found that there was zero image shift even at 400x on saturn , and to acheave perfect focus was so easy with this baby ,, its been said that these are thse single best upgrade you can do to your C9.25 and I whole heartedly agree ,, 3 thumbs up ! . Brian.
  5. I got sick of pitching a tent every time I went bush to star gaze here in OZ , to many creepy/crawlies on the ground so I grabbed one of these roof top tents for my 4x4 Ute , at $2000 aud its expensive but its the best 2k I have ever spent . It is up and ready for use in under one miniute , just undo the 4 large 'butterfly' clips , crank the handle and up she rises , has a double bed made up with pillows all the time ,that's nice and warm ,the access ladder and chase lounge are up there as well and its a really sweet set up that gets me up off the ground in comfort . Brian.
  6. Sorry for the late reply , but yea once a month and recharge after every use is about perfect as I have been doing this now for nearly 4 years with my jump start pack and it gets a lot of use . Brian.
  7. The cloud thing is only a contrast thing , you will see the image dimmer , but the scope will still be gathering the same amount or light eg 110mm's worth . I see the same thing when viewing the sun thru my 127mm Istar fitted with Lunt wedge as clouds pass over and the sun spots show up better. I have a friend down here with a Long Perng 110mm Ed and its a very nice telescope , very well made with good ED optics , there is a very slight CA seen Jupiter at 200x but its very dark and close in against the planet , to me its basically invisible . Great scope for only $1400aud . Brian.
  8. The difference between my 90mm Takahashi SKY90 with one Fluorite lens that is as colour free and perfectly figured and polished ( as perfect as a 90mm f5.5 can be )as a scopes lens set can be , and my 127mm Istar f8 doublet is a huge jump in resolution , detail seen , available magnification and brightness on any object. Of course there is CA ( very faint ) in the 127mm , but it sees so much more due to its extra light gathering power . I could imagine the 80mm triplet giving those perfect views of star clusters , double stars , etc that only a short focal length quality APO can give , like my Tak does , very ,very beautiful and hard to beat . The 110mm ED would go much deeper , show more detail on the moon and planets and still show stars very well as only refractors can , just not quite as nice as the smaller 80mm APO will. Another thing to consider in mounting either scope , my Istar needs its HEQ5 as its physically much larger than my SKY90 that sits perfectly on its Vixen SP mount . The difference in size and weight between these 2 mounts is a lot . Then there is trying to acheave high magnifications of 150x plus in a short fl small APO , that is tough , and unless you have good quality small fl eyepieces like TV , Pentax , Denk etc that are very expensive just using and enjoying what its capable of is an exercise in frustration , ever looked thru sat a cheap 4mm plossl ? 3mm eye relief and tunnel vision , not much fun sorry to say , but true . I use all TV eyepieces from 3mm to 31mm as well as a TV 2x Powermate , so high power views in my 500mm fl Tak are enjoyable , and its capable of 250x easy . Then there is portability , that goes without saying , the 80mm triplet is the winner here . If it were me , as sexy as the smaller 80mm might be , I would opt for the larger 110mm if mounting was not an issue and a CG5 size mount will be plenty and because if you got the small 80mm ,, you would always be thinking ....... What if ? my 5c. Brian.
  9. Nice , looking good and great service , only 4 days , sweet . Are you going to use the 120mm XLT on this combo ? if so it will be very nice . Brian
  10. + 1 on these I just fitted one on my C9.25 ( see my thread here ) and these are awesome . Brian.
  11. Thanks Steve , yes they do make beautiful gear and Brantuk they sure do transform the scope , not that there is anything wring with the standard focuser , its just that these are so much better . I like it so much so , here is another photo showing the FT against the CF ,,, Brian.
  12. Hi all , I finially fitted my new FT micro focuser on my C9.25 today , its cloudy so I focused on a power pole top about 500 metres away and at 150x I could see no image shift when turning the 10-1 knob in and out a few turns either way ,this C9.25 is a beauty in all ways . On that the focuser feels so nice in use , solid , weighty and so smooth , it a joy to use and well worth the price . It took only 10 minutes to fit following FT's web page instructions , easy and precise , like the focuser its self , excellently made bit of kit . Brian.
  13. Thanks guys , the weather has been cloudy ever since , we were lucky' Here is a photo to remind us what blue sky looks like . Brian.
  14. I grabbed a pair of 7x50 Airport binos a police auction 25+ years ago and these were the best binoculars I have ever looked thru , these showed the rings of Saturn , small but seen when braced against wall . I stupidly dropped them and split one of the cemented lenses , but I turned the other side into the best 8x50 finder I have looked thru , that finder is still on my 10 inch f10 newt today . Very nice binoculars ! . Brian.
  15. Good point Ant , I had forgotten about these , I also love my HEQ5 . Brian.
  16. Yes it will all EQ3 /CG4 , EQ5/CG5 .and HEQ5 mounts share the same sized base and tripod top's . The HEQ6 is different , its a bit bigger . Hope this helps . Brian.
  17. I have a scope same as yours but its Saxon branded down here and its on a HEQ5 and its very sturdy for visual , not so for AP but very usable . The only thing I had to do was buy a William Optics HW tripod to raise the mount 12 inches or so , so I could view the zenith without sitting on the ground , all chinese tripods are to short for these long OTA's. As you see these mounts are a nice match to our scopes , look in proportion . Here is mine , sexy on the HEQ5 I think , hope this helps . Brian.
  18. you will be impressed , good choice . Brian.
  19. I have a Nagler 9mm T2 and an observing buddy has a Delos 10mm and we have compared these two to death in , here goes , his WO 110mm triplet my 127mm Istar f8 doublet , his C8 my C9.25 , my Tak sky90 , his ES 66mm quad , a 10 inch SW dob and a 16 inch Meade LB , so we have tried these two in tests using a good viarity of scopes ,,, over 5 months of varying sky conditions WHEW ! . So the winner is .......BOTH . They are so alike its a no-brainer and difficult to pick a winner , the Nagler has a wider FOV , and in the refractors is better Planetary , the Delos is slightly sharper ? on stars in any scope ( newer coatings Technology ? ) , except the 16 inch LB where the Nagler gives better views on all objects , so as I said they are both awesome , top knotch eyepieces and you will be happy with either . ps. my T2 Nagler is about the same weight as the Delos 9mm , but the newer T4-5's are way smaller and lighter and from what I have seen are as good as the T2 and some say the Nagler T2 9mm is the best eyepiece TV have ever made , I agree ., something to consider . My 5c. Brian.
  20. Low and Left ,,, it looks like you are not pointing true NCP . Brian.
  21. I have a friend down here who has done just what you are suggesting , only a week ago and YES !! it has turned his 130mm into a very powerful observing tool , go for it . You will also be future proofing if you get a larger scope in the future . Google 'ice in Space' go to the 'Equipment discussions' and go down to 'First light with new set up' its 9 down as I type this . Brian.
  22. Get a mate to help , 2 people make this job much easier , not to mention safer as you can stab your hand with a screw driver if you slip ,, I have the scar to prove it . Brian .
  23. I forgot to post a photo of the observing set up , here are a couple and I forgot to mention that about 7 people came around to view , friends and neighbours , a great day for sure ! That's me by the way in the first photo using the high tech sun shade , my Bunderburg Rum black singlet , it had a good work out and also worked sweet . Brian.
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