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  1. Nice telescope , but the chances of seeing , let alone buying one of these beauties here in Australia are,,, well ...?. nil .. shame as they would sell well down here . Brian.
  2. Hi Woulter ,I would think any of the nice 100-110 mm f/6 - 7.5, ED doublets ( even triplets ) out there would be perfect for what you need . There is a huge choice today . They are great glass and can be had at a price that was unheard of only 5 years ago . I use my LP 90mm f/5 apo ( 500mm ) and Atik 314L as my imaging platform mostly , and get good results . I sometimes use my Tak FS60C to get good results as well . You can see my scopes in the ' Welcome ' section under , " Hi from Darwin Australia " , yes the little Tak's are special allright . Love mine . It all depends on what you are willing to spend ? Brian.
  3. Mate just good old 7 or 10x 50's perfect as they are not to heavy to hold up for extended periods , dont magnify the shakes to bad and gather a lot of light , but stay away from zoom models , and ones with ruby lenses , they are both no good for astronomy ( usually inferior quality as well ) , ok for day light viewing , but no good at night . Yep a nice pair of 50mm center focus porro prisims , ( Not roof prisims as these are to expensive and again cheep ones are inferior ) . Enjoy your holiday Chris . Brian.
  4. Thanks everyone, I like this place , we have something very similar here in australia , its called ' Ice in Space' the asutralian amateure astronomers web page . Its a very good place with lots of awsome people and I enjoy contributing there a lot , as I will here . To you all dont be afraid to check us out , and maybe join . We dont have as many people , 10000 I think but its typically astronomy people , very close and helpful with tonnes of knowledge , like I have seen here with you guys and gals , so thanks again for the welcome and , Oh yes John definatly a " Refractor Man " . Just one thing , how do I post a photo onto a reply , like this one ? Thanks . Brian.
  5. Hi Chris , they are a little small for astronony , but if its all you got these will be better than nothing and if the skies are dark enough they should give good views , you can also use them to observe wild life during the day ? Yep , better than nothing. I would take them . Brian.
  6. Good point . Well said , a large mirror takes a while to come to ambient temperature . Brian.
  7. Definatly the HEQ5 then , I have one in storage in New Zealand ( I an currently working in Australia ) holding my 6 inch f/8 Chromocorred refractor . and with a William Optics hard wood tripod its very sturdy , and the 6 inch is heavy and long , thats why I asked . Good luck mate. Brian.
  8. Hi , as just said , if you are looking thru a closed window , that will give you the distorted images you are seeing , take it out side , or at the very least open the window . Good old glass window panes are NOT!!!! optical glass and your scope wont perform looking thru one . I think you will be very suprised when you take her out side and look at thge moon for the first time . At 1/2 phase . Good luck , and please let us know how it all goes ? Brian.
  9. Thats a shame , I have a Takashei FS60C and at 300mm long it almost fits in my pocket for travel , more than once I have carried this scope on a plane in my laptop bag with my laptop and it rides easily on my photography tripod , the perfect travel scope . Oh yes with flourite in 1 lense and typical Takashei build and optics it is a joy to use and its views are awsome , punching well above its 60mm size . From 16x thru 200x its a performer. I love mine . Brian.
  10. Just one thing , you mention your scope weighs 5kg , but 5 kg of 3 1/2 feet long refractor will tax even an HEQ5 , but 5kg of 12 inch Mak, wont tax an EQ3-2 , so what type or scopoe do you have ? if you dont mind . I would go the HEQ5 route , but if you dont have to buy the EQ5 and put the change into a cheep guide scope / auto guider package ? .. Just a thought . Brian.
  11. Yep another vote for the 130mm , Its just so much easier to use when compared to the horrible , shaky mount and tripod the 70mm refractor comes with . I have tried to tune a couple of these for differant people over the years , and they are untunable , they come loose and wobbly within an hour and then frustration sets in ,and before you know it its relegated to the closet and you intrest in astronomy dies a fast death .sad but true . Save a few more pennies and get the Heritage 130mm , it will set you up for a love of scopes and the night sky for many , many years . Just remember , small steps and take your time learning , thats the differance between these 2 , 1 will kill any passion ( the 70mm ) you have and the 130mm will grow with you over years , but most of all ,,, Enjoy ! . Sorry if this sounds harsh , but its a fact . Brian.
  12. Thanks , Here is a few more photos . I think I've sussed how to do it . So here goes . Ok , Here is a better photo of my 70mm Pronto , my ED80 on CG5 , my 127mm Triplet on her Ioptron IEQ45 and mt 25x100mm Zhumell Tachyon binos mounted . Enjoy . Brian.
  13. Hi , my name is Brian and I've been a member here a while. I must say what a gold mine of information this site is , I have spent days just cruzin from 1 topic to another , simlpy awsome . As from my topic title , I am living in Darwin Australia and its s great place to live . The only problem is the seasons we get here at 12 degrees south are ,, the WET and the DRY ,,, thats it , only 2 . The wet runs for 6 months november thru april and as the name suggests it is very wet , cyclones , and monsoonal down pours . Not much stargazing to be had . But the dry is another thing all together , 6 months of ground hog days week after week of perfect 32 degree days and 24 degree nights , beautiful . The dry has started so its scope out every night , glorious . I own 6 refractors from a 60mm TAK FS60C thru to a 127mm triplet . I also have 2 pairs of binos 8x56 and 25x100 , both mounted , the 100mm binos are awsome . I will post a few photos if I can . Glad to be here , and I will try and be involved with you all . Here is my TAK FS60C together with mt Zeiss Telementor 63mm , my TV Pronto and mt LP 90mm f/5 APO . I cant fit any more photos on this thread , so more to follow . Enyoy. Brian.
  14. Hi Brian from Darwin Australia , I have a white Pronto #4090 on a Gibralter mount , great grab and go set up , I love mine so much , You wont be sorry getting yours Peter . My 22mm Panoptic and 8mm Radian are the 2 most used eyepieces used with my baby ,, nice . Brian.
  15. Hi , sorry to but in here , but I am new and cant seem to find a link to post my greetings???? Help! Brian.
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