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  1. I Agree with the comments here on coatings , I have never really seen a difference between diagonals and more than once we have done blind testing of some 2 inch diagonals , AP ;s , TV's , WO's , SW's of dielectric and aluminium coatings and to be honest we could never pick a winner , its more about build quality , status , and telescope quality and seeing conditions . Any mid range dielectric one will be fine . Brian.
  2. How do you even get to 1st base ? this blumming thing wont except my SGL password or U/N , what am I doing wrong ??? 30 times and my computer is close to getting the bash !!! Brian.
  3. Good looking case , problem is that we would pay $100 plus for the same thing here in Australia , but I will look into one for my C9.25. Thanks for sharing . Brian.
  4. Ha ha ha , pillows , but seriously the AVX has the standard Vixen 60mm bottom , so any pillar designed for the Vixen GP/SP mounts Sky watcher eq4 , 5 and HEQ5 and the clones of these will do and yes the EQ6 is larger diameter about 70mm , just google skywatcher pillar extension , I had one a while ago and they are awesome , easy to fit and do a cracker job . Brian.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the results ! if you don't already know ,,,, I love these scopes , often maligned by the APO police but these offer a taste of BIG !!! refractor heaven for little outlay as you found , man 199 quid ! , bargain . You will enjoy this scope , congratulations . Oh yes , grab an extention pillar , you wont be disappointed as this allows the tripod to be set lower ( sturdier ) and you wont get leg clash when the scope is pointing up a small price to pay for a way better setup , the AVX will hold the OTA easily as these are on par with the SW HEQ5 in strength a nice mount . Brian.
  6. Hi Graphic , this is the William Optics hard wood heavy duty tripod , yes a surveyers tripod but optimised for astronomy with an accessory tray and it takes the 60mm diameter of the bases of Vixen GP/SP, Synta EQ4 / 5 and HEQ5 mounts and many other clones , I used the bolt from the stainless steel tripod . There is nothing wrong with the s/s one just to short for he 1200mm fl of the big refractor , the WO tripod is 400mm taller and very solid , a nice bit of gear that allows seated viewing of the zenith with comfort , not sure if these are still for sale , last ones I seen was Telescope house , Germany under their own brand name . Worth every cent for these awsome scopes . Brian.
  7. Dave , I am sure I have an old ' Fringe Killer' 1 1/4 inch hanging around here somewhere , I will try and find it and bring it along when we catch up so you can screw it into a few eyepieces to see if you like it , some people don't like the yellowish tint they impart on brighter objects so they also use a 'sky glow' filter as well screwed onto the FK filter ? I;ve never tried it but it seems to work according to the internet chatter , let me know about the fringe killer . Brian.
  8. Derik , that's the same focuser I have on my iStar 127mm , I got mine from Andrews Communications here in Sydney Dave for $49aud , I am sure they still have a few at this price , I just got an adaptor machined up and it is a very nice focuser made by LongPerng . It holds my MONSTER !!! 1kg plus Celestron Axiom 31mm with the scope pointed at the zenith without slipping this is an awesome 82 degree eyepiece in a nice large refractor , it gives me 32x in this scope . Brian.
  9. Hi Dave and welcome , sweet set up you have , I have the Saxon brand one of these in NZ and it is fitted with a Chromocor as well , these work well but like hens teeth and fiddly to set up , but you never know one might pop up as it did for me . I epoxied a few lead fishing sinkers into the cast alloy focuser adaptor painted them black and fitted a heavier WO focuser to move the OTA further forward for a better look also a William Optics HD hardwood tripod to raise the tube and mount about 400mm , nice seated viewing at the zenith now . I too are in WA , Rockingham, working at the moment , missed my big frak so much I built a 127mm f8 OTA out of an iStar objective , where in WA are you ? perhaps we can catch up ?. Here is my 150mm Saxon ,' dark blue ' in NZ and my 127mm iStar , ' white ' with me here in OZ set up with lunt wedge for solar. Brian.
  10. And oh yes , it shows deep sky as good as a mates 8inch Meade SCT , with a larger field of view with any given eyepiece and takes 300x plus on the moon and planets on a good night , did I mention I love mine ??? Usable on a EQ5 but much better on the HEQ5 like mine , sweet for visual . Brian.
  11. Hi there and welcome , I have one of these and think that these are an awesome all round telescope , BIG !!! yes , but perform very well on all objects and impress the bejeeze out of the neighbourhood kids . Brian.
  12. Mine is my 127mm f8 iStar refractor on its HEQ5 mount , a match made in heaven , this OTA is almost as good as a friends C8 on deep sky , but when it comes to stars ( doubles etc ) and the moon and planets ,, only a frak I am afraid . Brian.
  13. Like this thread , I like Moonshane , use my 1 1/4 inch Lunt wedge in me 127mm f8 refractor all the time , the heat sink only ever gets warm and the views are spectacular ! , here is a close up of a sun spot group in the April 2014 partial eclipse , hand held windows phone over 5mm TV Radian , 200x . Brian.
  14. Up-date ! , I have since my last post grabbed a nice 2nd hand SV 90 degree finder , great optics and build and being able to take standard 1 1/4 inch eyepieces I have taken it to nearly 100x and its still sharp , impressive to say the least !. It took some getting used to , but my neck thanks me now , very easy to use . I also had a plaque made up for the case , a nice finishing touch I think . Enjoy. Brian.
  15. I just seen Chris's little quib on the dew problem we SCT's owners suffer from ,,, easily fixed with one of these . Brian.
  16. I have had my C9.25 for a couple of years now and it still knocks my sox off every tine I use it . I am mainly Luna/planetary and love the sharp contrasty images it gives with on those good nights huge magnifications 400x plus without breaking a sweat , I love mine and you will to . Here she is on its HEQ5 mount which holds it easily , a nice set up . Mine is the CF XLT version and I have an observing buddy with the C8 version on wedge and to be truthfull the views in my C9.25 are better in every way , more so than the 1 1/4 inch would suggest , I think the C9's just hit the spot as a visual scope , perhaps its the f2,5 primary ? compared to all other Celestron's ( and Meade CAT's ) that operate at an f2 primary ??? who knows but mine is a special scope . Brian.
  17. +1 on the FT micro focuser , easily the best accessory I have ever bought , beautiful workmanship . Brian.
  18. Good call Jules , the iStar 102mm lenses are very good , and Mark its local Aussie pine , with a few coats of varnish and it has a lovely smell ,,, nice . Brian.
  19. Update , I ordered a hand made solid wooden scope case for my iStar 127mm f8 and it happened to arrive a few days after the iStar decals that Mike of iStar optical USA sent out free of charge to any iStar scope builders world wide , a great gesture . Here is the case and decals fitted on the OTA , hope you all enjoy . The case was only $299au and was custom made to fit the iStar's dimension's and that it does perfectly , it will protect the OTA for many , many years . I will now call the iStar officially finished ??? . Comments welcome , as always . Brian.
  20. Update , I have since grabbed a WO red dot finder , a simply put very solid and well made 4 rectule finder , a sweet finder and I grabbed a cheap 70mm refractor on this strange alt/az mount that I made the counter weight system so it balances out better , and is very easy to use , I am impressed with this set up . Here it is in white light solar mode with my Lunt Hershell wedge attached , this works excellently as a solar scope . Remarks most welcome and enjoy . Brian.
  21. Thanks guys , I have checked with Long Perng and they say this is a FPL53 triplet . Brian.
  22. Thanks guys , I have checked with Long Perng and they say this is a FPL53 triplet . Brian.
  23. Thanks guys , I have checked with Long Perng and they say this is a FPL53 triplet . By the way the Altair 60mm is s nice looking scope. I seem to have posted this in triplicate , Mods please delete the next 2 replies , thanks. Brian.
  24. waiting for the dew to evaporate , man this is s nice little refractor . I have been reading my starting posts and see I mentioned the Moon at 17x being BRIGHT ! well here it is 17X Brian.
  25. Some great advise here , awesome stuff guys . I have only yesterday received a $499aud Long Perng ( see my thread here ) 60mm f7 triplet using FPL53 as its sandwich ( centre ) lens element and I am in the process of testing right now , 2nd light tonight , so I am lucky to have 2 good nights in a row , yippe ! . I am finding the new 60mm triplet to be a very , very competent APO , its impressive what can be done today for little money . Anyway mate up until November 2013 I owned and loved a Takahashi FS60C f5.8 Flourite doublet APO and used and loved her for many years , but sold it in a fit of madness !! Grrr what WAS I THINKING ! . OK , I will say the Takahashi 60mm Fluorite doublet was better than the Long Perng 60mm FPL53 triplet , but not by the $1000 odd will suggest , yes the Tak was worth $1500 with all extras to allow normal ( finder , adaptors , diagonal ,,,,) visual observing , the LP is $499 complete , so as it stands the LP triplet has over 95% of the Tak's visual abilities and the same in build quality at 1/3 the price ,, go figure ( pun intended ) so for me I find the LP a better scope , but its a triplet and performs almost as good as my now sold Takahashi , but this is only me and for us average ( eg. poor ) amateurs these new breeds of Chinese triplets are very good in all ways , Performance/Value . Read my review if you want . ps. then there is my Takahashi sky90 f5.5 Fluoirite doublet ,, get a look thru one of these and you don't need a triplet , the best 90mm G&G scope on the planet . Brian.
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