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  1. My LongPerng 110mm f6 APO in carbon fiber on it's Celestron CI700 mount ,, awesome setup ! Beanerds.
  2. Also my Long Perng 110mm f6 APO on my other duel axis driven ( DMD-3 ) Vixen Super Polaris mount , these are just the best small/mid weight mounts out there awesome Japaneese design and engineering . Once aligned south it tracks for hours without loosing the object , almost perfect . Brian.
  3. My R100L on its Super polaris mount , this is a very good telescope , the newer chinese 114mm Newt's on the to small EQ2's could learn a lot from this beautiful setup . Brian.
  4. Yes I agree with everything said here and have been lucky enough to own a sweet FS60C Takahashi and a Long Perng 60mm triplet at the same time and did a lot of side by sides between these 2 great 60mm class scopes . Both showing all ( and more ) than a 60mm should be capable off especially at higher magnifications 150x which is a lot with only 60mm to play with . The Takahashi had a solider build but only by a small margian as today's scopes out of Asia are getting better and better in the build stakes . Optically I would give it to the Tak but only by a tiny amount as there is something about Fluorite that FPL53 does not ( QUITE ) give the clarity but then again at $1600aud for the Tak and $600 for the LP it damn well should . I sold the Takahashi and put the $1000aud into buying a Long Perng 110mm f6 APO with change to spare but this scope is another story , so are Takahashi's over priced for what you get ? I say yes they are but for the money they are top of the heap in almost all ways , also they give owners ' Bragging Rites ' that few other telescopes can . Beanerds . ps . I have put my iStar 127mm f8 Achromat against a TV 127mm Pretzvel and TSA120 on a few occasions and everyone is amaized what a $630 achro can do against scopes worth $7000 - 9000 .
  5. Another fan here as well this is the single best accessory I have ever grabbed for my C9.25 XLT carbon fiber , just precision engineering at its best and they make focusing so precise , these are really a lovely bit of gear . You wont be disappointed . Just one thing , they don't come with fitting instructions , you just google them off FT's web site it's as easy as because they are great instructions , mine took 10 minutes to fit . They do this to save confusion because there are so many different CAT's out there as they have been made for 40 odd years now and FT make one for most , there are 2 totally different focus mechanisim's for the C9.25 and these are relatively new kid's on the block. Noah 4x4 ,,,,, why do you think I refer to these as FT's ,,,, LOL . Brian.
  6. One more photo as this one kinda shows the actual physical size of this often overlooked mount ( rare yes I know ) and yes it is easily on par with Losmandy's lovely ( read Expensive ! ) G11 , enjoy . Brian.
  7. My God !!! how time flies ,,, Another update to the beautiful iStar 127mm f8 achromat build . Ok , first up is I scored a lovely Sky Watcher Esprit 120mm f7 APO focuser off a fellow IIS'r for a steal after he upgraded to FT , , it did not fit straight up but a small spacer was made to have it fit the Saxon's tube and at 3 inches in diameter at the rack ,,, its a large R&P Liner style that's very nice in use and suites the scope well . Number two is the awsome Celestron CI700 mount , this thing is a ROCK !!! of stability as they were made to hold C14's and note the position of the counter weight ? and that speaks volumes . It's legs are 3 inch diameter that will break a toe if kicked in the dark !! and on that the other night I was looking at the moon at about 250x and smashed my head into the mount drawing blood and the crater was still centered in the eyepiece , its a monster . Its only draw back is that it weighs about 70kg ,,,,,, Observatory next ????? Enjoy my friends .. Brian.
  8. I know of 2 people personally here in Australia that have got the 120's and in the transporting across this huge Continant by less than carefull posties/courier's they arrived in perfect collimation , I would not worry about this as any scope will be knocked out of collimation by bad handling . These are top quality scopes mechanically and especially optically , very nice . Brian.
  9. OOPS !!! , busted ! . But no these are our ( wife and I ) bike gloves , here in OZ your hands tend to sweat a bit and need a hanging in the fresh ait after a long ride . Brian.
  10. My biggest , and smallet . And most in between , Refractorholic I think ...>? Brian.
  11. Class , pure class , your late wife would be proud . Brian
  12. Ok , I had a chance to put my C9.25 on this impressive mount and its a great marrage these two , I managed to get the columination spot on first night out because giving the 'Bob's knobs' a tweek did not even worry this mount one bit , just solid as a rock , nice . Here are a few photos before my 2nd session with this set up , At 250x on Jupiter the mount didn't wobble , impressive , but I suppose the FT focuser helps as well . Brian.
  13. Thanks guys , I had another blast with her the other night and the more I use it the more I am likiing this mount , impressed I am . Talking to the previous owner and he has found the Celestron ' Sky Master ' computerised push to system to plug into the encoders you see in the photo's , I did a Google on these and they look to be the go on early computer systems ,, yet to see as its on its way . Keep tumed . Brian.
  14. Hi all , its been awhile , shifting house and thats a job I can do without !!! . Anyway I reciently , ( 2 weeks ago ) had the chance to get a new mount for my iStar 127mm f8 refractor and C9.25 but had to sell my HEQ5 first so needless to say last week was busy but managed to sell the HEQ5 . ( great mount but not in the same league as the Celestron CI-700 that I managed to get , only cost me $150aud over what I got for the HEQ5 ,, a steal at $950 in anyones language ) . Ok so it arrived yesterday and I assembled it after work , very well made almost all anodized machined aliminum and great fit and finish , I can se why they were made to supercede the Losmandy G11 under C11 and 14's ., nice mount . I got to use it on the moon last night using my iStar 127mm and WOAW !!! this thing doesn't even feel it !!! look where the 20lb counterweight is on the shaft !!!! , Solid ,,, did I mention SOLID !!! its a beauth and a hard thump on the OTA dampens in under a second , I could not see any movement while focusing at the eyepiece at 125x , just rock steady , impressive . Just look at those LEGS ,,, 3 inches in diameter ! and we are all leg men ???? at heart . Here are a few photos and I will post more when I put the C9/25 on , probably on the weekend , cheers guys/gals . Brian.
  15. Looks to me like the main centre bearing keeper has come loose slightly inside . Just remove the plastic casings and you will get a better look , just be careful that all wires are either un-plugged or away from the cases as you remove them and same when reassembling , just take your time . I dont have one of these but a friend does and its very sturdy . Good luck , but I dont think it to major . Brian.
  16. floating in the left over waves calling its'self ... Gravity wave . I hit this XLT and din'nt even see it ,,, later................................. .............
  17. OOP'S wrong photo , sorry. What secondary ? Brian.
  18. I flocked my secondary tube , like these photos show and the differance is quite noticable especially out at our dark sky site , in town it makes a small differance but from a dark site my C9.25 easily keeps up with a mate's 10 inch Dob on DSO's . I really like this C9.25 she is a performer . Brian.
  19. Ha ha ha , glad you liked it , yes thats what I thought , if I keep this up I will have to pull out my Vixen SP mount for this set up , what do you think ? Even tho the EQ2 struggled a bit the focuser handled this monster with ease , impressive bit of gear . Good to be back , you guys are awsome !!~! Brian
  20. The Equinox will show as much on the moon and planets , probably more in the higher powers 250x plus that you need for this type of viewing as the 152mm f5.9 but it will start to show LARGE amounts of CA that will intrude and degrade finer details at about 200x max . But if you are a deep sky observer the 152 will show so much more delicate details in nebular , globulars , open clusters ,,,etc that the 120 will only hint at . How do I know ? , over the years I have owned a SW 150mm f5 , an awsome deep sky scope easily keeping up and at times besting a friends sweet 203mm f10 Meade SCT on deep sky . This scope had seriously sharp optics and showed great detail on Jupiter abit shrouded in a purple halo ( Purple haze ) but still very good at 200x . I still own a very good Chromocorr'd Saxon ( SW ) 150mm f8 refractor but its in NZ and I am working here in OZ and loving these nice large frak's and missing the views , I first got a very good 127mm f7.5 triplet and as almost as perfect as this was ,,,,, I had the chance to build an iStar sourced telescope ( search the threads here you will find my story ) an 127mm f8 achromat and found I liked the achro's views better , with a small amount of CA of course so I sold the triplet APO with heavy heart to fund many other astro goodies , $3000 - $620 was kind of a no brianer . To cut a long story short , I still have and love my 127mm iStar frak and have since sourced a very good 2nd hand XLT carbon fibre C9.25 for deepsky and they both sit on my HEQ5 mount very well , so I now have Luna/Planetary and deep sky covered . I think its up to what you want to view ? your choice here but dont write off the Equinox , these are a seriously good scope ,,,,, as is the 152mm achromat ,,,, ,,,,, hard chouce . NBrian.
  21. Hi all , its been a while so I thought I would say gidday with a bit of a gag ,,,,,, It actually works very well , 14x and over 5 degree FOV . Its my sweet little Long Perng 60mm f7 triplet ( William Optics and others ) and over 1kg of awsome Celestron Axiom LX 32mm , these 2 work well together but the eyepiece weighs the same as the whole scope , a bit of fun for sure ,,, but it works well , enjoy . Brian.
  22. Awsome review and scope , thanks for the time and it looks and performs excellent ! . Hope you don't mind me posting these 2 shots , but I find my 2x 2inch powermate to be the best single bit of gear I have for luna shooting . These were taken with my home built iStar 127mm f8 doublet that performs so well I sold my 127mm f7.5 triplet , true . First is at native f8 at 1000mm and second is with the TV PM at 2000mm , excellent kit . Brian.
  23. As the title says , I had the chance to grab a friends 3inch R&P focuser of his sweet Sky Watcher Esprit 120mm APO after he upgraded to a Moonlight . I got it for a song and it fitted without to much trouble , I just made up an adaptor to fit the Esprit's 113mm and iStar OTA 123mm ID . Looks and works very nice , I like it a lot . Comments welcome. Brian.
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