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  1. Welcome to SGL! Ive got the same scope on the way to me from Germany. Look forward to reading about your endeavors.
  2. I hear ya on the frustration side of things. Imaging for me has been nothing but frustration since I started astronomy a couple of years ago. With regards to weight, I am considering buying a small refractor (4 inch'ish) to use with the eq5 for imaging and use the reflector for observing. That will take care of the weight issues I hope. For the time being though, I will use the 200p with good polar alignment and balance and see where it takes me. Regarding backlash, in the same blog by Quartermass, there is a youtube link which shows some pointers on this. Linked below. Ultimately, I understand that this equipment is not Ideal for imaging, but, its what the wallet allows for and I do enjoy a challenge, albeit a frustrating one! Pedro
  3. I stumbled across a blog from one of the SGL's members outlining a procedure for auto-guiding with the 200p on an EQ5 mount. Linked below. http://astrocasto.blogspot.com.es/2012/02/how-to-set-up-guiding-system-for-your.html On doing further searches, I'm sure I have come across people who have managed 10 minute exposures using this method with that equipment. This is ample for me and I'll be really pleased if I manage exposure times half of that length. If you haven't already seen this info, maybe have a go! Pedro
  4. Hmmmmmmm.....Well........Camarthen Cameras also let me down on the postage side of things, so that purchase is also cancelled now. I have now ordered one from Astroshop for 535.80 euros delivered and it was shipped out last night from Germany. 3 working days Im told, so it should be with me early next week hopefully. I finally know that there is a telescope on the way! So, its time to buy those dual axis motors, modify my Logitech C270 webcam for a planetary imager or guidescope, and buy all the other bits needed to set it up for autoguiding. It will be really nice to finally start imaging with some decent kit. Pedro
  5. Lol. I didnt think I was on my own in this category !
  6. Well, not the start I was looking for. Optic star got back to me on Sunday morning. They said they wanted an extra 114 pounds to ship the scope to Spain. WOW! There was no mention of this at checkout despite me keying in a spanish address. Anyway, Ive just placed an order with Camarthen Cameras. Lets see how they do. 444 pounds delivered. Not bad. A few pounds cheaper than most of the others. Something tells me I wont be using it by this weekend whitch is a shame, but I remain hopefull. Pedro
  7. Hi Guys, Its pretty much been a year now since I purchased a Nexstar 5. I had little success in Imaging allthough my wife and I did enjoy some good observing sessions with it. After 2 or 3 months it developed a problem with one of the motors so I sent it back for a full refund in the hope of purchasing something a little bigger and better suited to imaging. My wife and I are very busy in the summer months out here in Spain so have only really just begun to even think about renewing our love affair with the night sky. So at 1am this morning, after a lot of Peroni and Caramel Vodka with some friends, I bought a Skywatcher 200p & EQ5 Mount from Opticstar. Cost was 414 sterling with free delivery to spain including a red light! All sounds good. Should be with us in 3 to 5 days according to their site. I already have an unmodded Cannon 300d, T-ring, remote shutter controller and a cheap logitech webcam that I beleive is sensitive enough for use as a guidecam. I have also spoken to another forum member regarding some Dual Axis motors for the EQ5 that he doesnt need anymore and is willing to part with. Ive seen the post by Quartermass regarding the DIY upgrade to enable autoguiding and I believe we are capable of doing the basic soldering etc to achieve this. So, any advice concerning imaging with this setup would be greatfully received. Also, whats the best exposure time I am likely to achieve with good polar alignment? If anyone has achieved good exposure times and images with this setup I'd love to hear from you. Pedro
  8. Hi. Im looking at purchasing the SkyWatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 for observing and some imaging with my 300D. I dont suppose you still have those motors? If the price is right you have a buyer as I also live in Spain on The Costa del Sol. I find it difficult to find a good range of second hand astronomy gear out here so was glad to stumble accross this post.Clear Skies.
  9. WOW!......Thanks for all the great welcome messages guys. I took the plunge last Wednesday and bought a Nexstar 5SE new off Amazon Spain. OUCH! 760 euros delivered. I ordered it about 10pm Wednesday night and it arrived via UPS from none other than the UK (First Light Optics I think) at 8pm Friday night. Damn fast shipping! i was really impressed. The new scope curse kicked in and all I could observe on my first night with my new "Orange Lovely" was a very bright full moon through high and low cloud and Jupiter. Clouds aside, however, both were really impressive through this SCT. I had seen both through my 114mm reflector before but not like this. I can already tell that this scope and mount are going to be good fun. My 300d arrives Thursday night when my parents get here and I have a T ring on order. Some pictures may be forth coming soon. I cant wait. Thanks again for the wonderfull welcome guys.
  10. Thanks for the welcome guys. I forgot to mention that I have had the 4.5 inch reflector for a couple of months now and have enjoyed sights of Jupiter, The Moon, The Great Cluster in Hercules(although a bit dim and fuzzy), The Ring Nebula, Pleides, Andromeda Galaxy(again, dim and fuzzy) The Orion Nebula (Looked great in such a small scope) and a few other star clusters. Still just scratching the surface I know, but Im hooked. I already have aperture fever and the need to Image so help me god the spending begins! Pedro
  11. Pedraximus

    Hi Everyone.

    Hi, I'm Pedro and I live down in Andalucia Spain. Good skies here especially in winter. I currently possess a lowly Celestron 114mm reflector(bought used for 80 euros) on an EQ3 with RA motor and I have a Canon 300D which is on its way from Blighty when my parents come to visit next week. (142 quid off Ebay Uk including loads of accessories and a canon lens) I really want to get into imaging. Everything interests me so I purchased a remote shutter control (another 3 quid delivered) and am browsing the net for a T ring and extension tube for eyepiece projection. Being fully aware that imaging with such a small scope, and more importantly, such a lightweight mount, I've been looking for another scope to complement what I already have. I like the compactness of Maks and understand the use of focal reducers for the larger DSO's. The Nexstar series has really caught my eye and I'm very aware that some people are getting some very good results considering the mounts are not ideal but I still wonder if I'm going down the right route with a budget around 500 euros. Anyway, I will post a question or 2 in the relevant sections on that matter. For now, I would like to say Hi to everyone and Hola to anyone here in southern Spain. Pedro:hello2:
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