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  1. I can follow jupiter fine with mine, just dont leave it 5 mins or it'll be out of view lol
  2. Ahhhhh, is it best to view it at night time? Or would it be okay viewing in the afternoon?
  3. What is the bright object seen before anything else in the sky, saw it about 5pm after I got out of work, is it a planet?
  4. Hey guys, just after a bit of advice... Which is best for imaging? Webcam or Camera?
  5. Its all set up now, sadly its raining right now where I live . But luckily I have access to a rather large family allotment on the edge of our village, might set up camp one night!
  6. I've literally just got one of these through my door today , setting it up now!
  7. So i'm looking towards a refractor due to wanting to see planets and the moon, is Celestron a good buy? I'm looking upto £200 maybe stretch it a little..
  8. Never heard anyone with a fear like that! Welcome!
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