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  1. If you can afford it get the Explorer 200p as it will be a good all rounder and great for AP
  2. What an ingenious idea it looks amazing. Might try and build one for the patio. What were the final costs on it?
  3. Just say 'expeliamus' or something magical as you do it. This will make the latter a lot more believable!
  4. Nice, I love the feeling when you see something new. Have you got turn left at orion it came today and is just brilliant. Guaranteed to give loads more of these accomplishment feelings
  5. Hey, It's my little brothers birthday soon and he's been kicking and screaming to my mum that he wants a telescope. So I being the awesome brother bought him one (with my mum and dads money as well as a bit of mine) I bought him the celestron travel scope 70mm. He is 7 so does not use tripods well, and cannot reach my scope as he is small and he likes to go to my nan and grandads alot who live on a secluded farm (good dark skies) so I thought the rucksack would be handy and it would have enough aperture for him to see what he wanted (moon Planets). Do you think he will like it, Is it an any go
  6. Is it THE STIG................
  7. Telescope: Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Mount: Dob:( (not best for AP) Could I ever put it on EQ? Camera: Canon EOS 350d
  8. Nice find John. Wish I would have read this instead of peting you guys with questions youve anwsered too many times before
  9. Hey, I recently purchased a revalation 1.25" adapter and also a Canon EOS T adapter. I put them in my telescope and couldn't fit an ep in. How does the camera magnify to see things or do I need an eyepiece? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I need to know to start AP. Thanks, Midge
  10. Just researching a bit and looking at pictures and it looks like what I saw. I will check it in stellarium!
  11. Definately not Jupiter and most definetly was a star as they were pinhole size
  12. Hey, Today I was casual mulling around the universe and came across a star of interest about 2/3rds of the sky up directly south at roughly 19:00. The colours were orange and blue any ideas whatc this was?
  13. Would my telescope be able to picture Orion as I would like to get into AP?
  14. Also for £500 you can buy the explorer 200p on an eq5 (Reflectors) for £449. Do you own a DSLR already? as if you don't you will have to buy a camera or webcam which again would cost. Not a cheap hobby!!!
  15. I was in exactly the same position, it was either get a 4" inch with GOTO or a 8"/10" dob. In the end I saw sense but its up to you really, can you see yourself hunting the night skky or letting a computer do it for you. Unfortunately a decision you must make yourself as everyone has there own opinion. Midge
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