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  1. Thank you The link is also very informative. I can sleep undisturbed now lol Good night!
  2. Hi all! I can't understand why 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Meade telescope reads 2032mm focal lenght? The total lenght of the telescope is about 390mm. Now if you follow my thinking: -light enters the telescope by correction plate towards main mirror (390mm) -from main mirror goes to secondary mirror (390mm) -from secondary light goes into the eyepiece (390mm) So in total we have 3x 390mm = 1170mm How come the telescope reads 2032mm? Sorry for being a bit retarded but I just do't seem to understand it. Thank you for your patience
  3. That's really nice to know, thank you
  4. I've updated my sinature to give you more of a detail View from my telescope shoud be upside down and left-to-right. I have to agree that the object was really bright, brighter than Andromeda itself. Must be M32... now I have to hunt down the M110 when the moon is gone Thanks for help!
  5. Hi! I just finished observing for tonight, and it was awesome, despite the almost full moon I've been checking out how 'averted vision' works on M31 Andromeda galaxy (thanks for the tip it really works . I found a galaxy like object just to the right of Andromeda, however it was a lot smaller. I would say it's M110, BUT it should be on the left hand side not on the right? I had a look and checked the left hand side of Andromeda - nothing. What's going on? I was thinking maybe it's M32, however it wasn't connected to Andromeda by any means. The amount of space in between M31 and the object was about 1 leghth of eyepiece FOV on 80x magnification with 50 degree FOV eyepiece. Any thoughts?
  6. Thank you for warm welcome I'm studying all the new things you told me Seems that Light pollution and averted vision are more important than I thought...
  7. Hello all the sky watchers! My name is Dom and I'm from Essex. I bought my first scope recently: standard SkyWatcher 200P + EQ5 mount. Extras I got are Baader MKIII zoom, 3x Barlow (unbranded), moon filter (25%) and 2x3D glasses lol (3D glasses are my temporary planetary filters as they have red green and blue glass ) So far I found just a few objects: Jupiter, Mars, Pleiades, Andromeda Galaxy, Orion Nebula, so I'm not the best amateur astronomer I have trouble with Crab Nebula, Whirlpool Galaxy, Rosette Nebula and anything else... really... but I will not give up! My main problem is distances... on sky charts and Stellarium some objects look like they are really close to a bright star that I can identify, but then they are not there Any tips how should I calculate the distance between objects? How do I know if it's in my FOV or maybe out of FOV? Can I assume ALL the Messier objects are visible at 80xmagnification? Are they all looking like grey dots? And a second question please, if I may Astro-imaging - I completly fail to understand how it's done, despite reading a lot about it, maybe I'm just silly or maybe it's because English is not my native language. Imagine you see my telescope on the mount, ready to view the sky. I have an eyepiece already in and I'm observing, lets say the Andromeda M31. How do I take the picture lol? I've tried with my cheap Samsung digital camera but it's all blurry and all black really :/ So I thought I'll buy the "professional camera" (you know the one with big lenses and adjustable focus) so I can use it for pictures during the day and astro-imaging during the night It's seems like a good idea since the better cameras can be focused by you, not by the onboard computer? But but... how do I mount the camra on the eyepiece? the eyepiece is like 1.25 inch and camra is probably like 2-3 inch, it won't fit I know there is something like T rings but how would you put this on an eyepiece? :/ I'm so confused OK this is already too long, nobody is going to read it lol. Thank you for your time and patience! Dom
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