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  1. Mel, Whats that thing on the left in your sig? looks very interesting.
  2. Hi all, I am just getting back into using my telescope. I would love to eventually image galaxies etc as I find these both fascinating and beautiful. These will I guess need a guidesystem and I have been reading about these here. I have an IS DMK21au04 that is surplus to my current requirements. I was thinking of selling it to fund towards a better mount (might even make one myself but I have a rapidly growing list of projects) but I am now thinking I should I keep it and use it as a guide camera when I have a system suitable. Is this type of camera good or suitable for guiding? L.
  3. Many thanks, for the source files. I'll have a play and post my results, will be a week I guess so dont hold your breath. Again, Many thanks. L.
  4. Hi all, I tried a year ago to image the moon and use software to stack and it was pants. In an attempt to learn the stacking/image processend, has anyone produced an image set/collection that newbies can download and use to get their head round registax etc etc. Either an avi or set of jpegs. This would be great as I could sort that end then concentrate on the actual imaging after. Does this exist or would someone kind offer this so I could have a play before getting the scope and camera out? could even be a thread that newbies could post their own processing efforts and compare to an ideal image as done by a pro in this. Cheers Leigh
  5. I could buy the moon for that much
  6. I have a simple set up and a polarizing filter works good for me.
  7. Do you guys track the moon for pictures or take the video as the moon passes over the frame? Bit of a noob to all this. L.
  8. loving that. I have a dmk21 butnot used it in anger yet. L.
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