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  1. Me and my boys saw three really bright ones in birmingham between 10-40 and 11-15 they really enjoyed it the suspense really got to them ......and then we got some crackers with trails ,one was almost fireball like,GREAT NIGHT !!!!!!!
  2. FLO said they were not sure if they would be continuing them.The only reason I am now interested in goto is that I will be getting less observing time in the near future and i suppose the goto may help with deep sky type objects a dob is suited for.
  3. they are now on flo's site now just have to see if goto is worth 500 pounds over a standard 10 inch dob..... Dobsonians
  4. Thanks guys ,yep I have been using the star hop method with my 127 at the moment but have enjoyed the ability to keep the object in view when found with the alt az tracking.....it would be interesting to hear from people with the auto tracking dob who had an ordinary dob before too see if they feel the extra cost was worth it.....
  5. A bit of a dilemna here..... part of me wants to get the unguided version of this scope and spend money on cheshire and shrouds etc ,part of me likes the idea of the tracking and goto coming out in august . I wont be imaging so i thought i'd put it out there for some thoughts ...i reckon it'll be £300 quid more than the £489 of the unguided version ps need the compactness of the flextube for storage
  6. I am thinking of getting a skywatcher flex tube 250 and was wondering if anyone could tell tell me its size when the tubes are retracted but including the base,its so i know which shed size i need to fit it in? thanks rob
  7. superb job roundycat the astronomy chair is my next project and you have certainly thrown down the gauntlet with this one!!
  8. Once again guys thanks for the comments..... I will monitor the dew free aspect of the leds and heat ,its a possible factor i did not think of but if it works then great. warthog all i know is that it was an old coal scuttle and that its not mahogany or idigbo so maybe youre right...
  9. thanks for the feedback lads ,i did it partly to get to grips with carpentary but have found that it really is useful , my next project is going to be an astronomy chair so ill post that in a couple of months cheers rob
  10. just thought i would post these photos of a small eyepiece case i created using solid hardwood from an old coal scuttle,its internally illuminated via leds and i made the handles from acrylic rod so in the dark they glow when i need to find the eyepiece case. i have used it and found it suits its purpose very well ,i even went to the extreme of casting a pewter eye on the lid which was fun your thoughts?
  11. I remember reading sound advice on here that the cheapest way to upgrade is not via your equipment but to upgrade your skies ie go and find better skies, its something I often quote to myself when thinking of purchases ....being in the centre of birmingham its sound advice if however you lived near kelling or some other dark sky site ..........go forth and purchase!!!!!!
  12. thanks both ...i get it now the arrow shows the best point for that night and isnt crater based ....all the same a really useful feature thanks talitha for pointing out that that feature exists on vma
  13. thanks for that i have the pro version of vma and have just checked the box which allows for the arrow showing max libration no matter which object i choose however the arrow stays in the same place ,please explain thanks........
  14. just seen this message but last night i got peary centre but extreme north which i couldnt get 2 nights before, would this be part of the effect of the same favourable libration as i cant remember another time in the last year when i could have got it?
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