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  1. I know what you mean about these plastic knobs. Totally stupid. Anyone know from where I can get some of the long flexi controls you talk about? Take care J
  2. Just ordered mine through Amazon marketplace £10.10. Thanks for the suggestion. I spent ages looking in Borders in Stockton yesterday but in the end came away with nothing. Take care J
  3. I laughed when I saw the "Click to enlarge" tag beneath the picture. That is a beast and no messing. I bet it's fun. J
  4. Couldn't agree more with all the positive feedback about David Hinds Limited. I bought a Celestron from them last weekend which arrived the day after the order was processed. It was very well-packaged and delivered intact. Excellent customer service too. I had a few issues setting up the telescope on its mount - caused entirely by my own stupidity - and they were very prompt in replying, and patient and helpful whilst sorting me out. I know it was a bit like Telescopes-101 for them but nevertheless they were very kind in their explanations and everything was quickly sorted. As I have just been paid I am going to buy some eyepieces from them this weekend. Excellent. Kind regards Jonathan
  5. Davey Thanks for that. Good to know it wasn't just me. At one point I am stood holding the small dovetail in one hand and with a stupid expression on my face pressing it against the tube ring mount going "...but it doesn't fit...why doesn't it fit?". It's obvious now but at the time it didn't. Also seemed impossible that those two tiny locking screws were going to be the only things holding this very heavy 'scope securely in place...but they do. I also found the really helpful guide from www.themcdonalds.net/richard/astro/writings/setupEquatorial.shtml. This was well worth a read and should be flagged up in big letters for all new starters. Now all I need are some clear skies. I am really looking forward to it. Take care. J
  6. I wish I had read this yesterday. Thanks, the guide is excellent and I have book marked it. Thank you. Kind regards Jonathan
  7. John, thanks, that certainly did help. Note to self: don't try and do these things late in an evening. After your message and some very helpful (and patient) emails from David Hinds Limited I think it is now sorted. The bracket I was trying to attach was not needed although, to be honest, the instructions did not actually say that it wasn't. So, thanks very much for your advice. Of course, now I that have got everything sorted...it's cloudy. Oh well. Thanks again. Jonathan
  8. Hello. New person here. Returning to a hobby I had at school now that my boys have grown up enough to allow me to have time for it once again. I have lurked for a while and found this site to be very helpful albeit with some scarily knowledgeable and talented people posting on to it. My first post is a plea for help - not how I had hoped to start but hey...I am stuck. Just unwrapped my nice C10-N and have been through the, for me, painful task of assembling the non-computerised CG5 mount - that seemed to go okay until I got to the part where I need to attach the tube to the mounting bracket. I can see how it is supposed to attach to the tube rings and how it then attaches to the equatorial mount but I cannot for the life of me find the screws to attach the bracket to the tube rings. Now, there are six screws in the base of the tube - three large ones - unslotted - which I presume are for the collimating process and three smaller slotted screws which don't seem to do anything. Are these the screws for the mounting bracket? I am scared to undo them because of the stern warning in the manual about never loosening any knobs on the telescope. I can't believe that the David Hinds' team would have shipped it without all the necessary parts so does anyone have any experience of this or a similar combination? Separately, I presume I am free to move the tube rings up and down until I am happy with their position? Is it possible to overtighten these? Is a firm but not screwed-down hard tightening sufficient? Can you tell i am a bit paranoid about this? Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction and reassure me that my exciting new purchase is not going to end up as just so much astronomical scrap. I am really really looking forward to getting this up and running and I am heading straight to Saturn to begin with. Cannot wait. Take care. Jonathan
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