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  1. Hi All, I have bought a sky watcher 9x50 finder to use as a finder/guider. Where can i get an adapter for the back. I have a modded Microsoft Live cam and a Logitec 4000 to use as the camera. Andy
  2. Hi All, Being new to the whole Astro scene and not knowing anything i have bought a Bresser Messier 127L and i am using a EQ5 synscan mount. My question is what do i need for imaging in general? I also have a Canon 1100D and an T mount adapter and i picked up for silly money a Celestron 102 wide field ota with a 2" crayford focuser. Can i mount the 102 on the Bresser and use it for Auto guiding? Andy
  3. Hi All. Couldn't get mine to work correctly and then found out that the guy i bought the mount from hadn't adjust the distance focus on the polar scope. Now some wise owl has shown me the error of my ways i will try it out. In the mean time i was frustrated about it not working and went back to Maplins and bought some more bits. I got a slightly wider battery box and a variable resistor so that i can fit it all in and dim the LED as needed. I will take pic's and post the new version on here when its finished. These will be the only pic's i will have taken with my new camera after the first try ended with blurry images not being able to polar align.
  4. I have seen the video from astro baby about adding gub screws instead of the adjustment screws. My question is what size are they and where can i get some from? Andy
  5. Thanks for all the response so far. I don't want to mess with the camera to that extent as i intend to use it for general photography as well. I use a Newtonian at the moment and just want to get it into it gently. lol Andy
  6. Hi Can someone tell me what is meant by modded cam for imaging? I have a new Canon 1100D but seen as it is my first DSLR getting to know all the settings is a minefield. Andy:icon_scratch:
  7. Just adding to the all polar scope thread, i have seen somewhere where the grub screws to adjust the scope have been replaced with thumb screws. Has anyone any idea what thread size they are and where to source them from? Andy
  8. I think i have figured it out in my head. Please see diagram and if this is not correct will you please indicate one way or the other? Andy Polar scope illuminator.xls
  9. Hi, I have just bought the list of components to make the illuminator but then realised i have no knowledge of how to put it together. Looking at the parts i have i am not sure if i am missing something? Do i need to solder anything when assembling it please? Andy
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