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  1. Kass

    M45 My Best!

    Really stunning image- cant wait till I can take something half as good :-)
  2. I'm using a skywatcher 150p with Phillips webcam (lent by JFK). I tried doing a mosaic the night before and forgot to leave the scope up to ensure any condensation would run out! I'm not sure it's water and don't know how to find out!
  3. This is my first completed lunar mosaic! Added complications were having water from the night before inside my telescope, leaving a mark on every image (cropping my images sorted this). I'm now hoping for clear skies on the full moon next week! moon.bmp
  4. Awesome image-when I get a telescope I hope I can learn to do images half this good
  5. Kass


    Hi, I'm Karma from Devon. I don't have any equipment but love looking up at the sky. Think I even worked out where Jupitar was tonight! Would love to get into astrophotography but need to learn more about how to do this before purchasing any equipment to go with my camera! I have loved looking at the pictures posted on this forum, so beautiful.
  6. Wow, I could look at this picture all day, it's so beautiful
  7. Never knew there was so much out here till I looked at your website- amazing photos. Really want to take some myself Kass
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