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  1. spider are great to have ...they are too big to get in ye tubes unless u leave tubes uncoverd.... spiders will eat all the little bugs that CAN get in ye tubes so keep them....betty and leggy do well in my shed....i leave them to do there bit rent free
  2. thanks for all your advice....ive now contacted the supplier and they are replacing it with another one ......because of the holiday period (celestron closed til jan 3rd) the supplier has told me i can still use it in the mean time until fedex pic it up.....but i will just box it up and use my 12" dob for now....so far the service ive had has been great and very understanding.....i will just put this down to being a tad unlucky as celestron have a good rep ive been told.....anyway...upwards and onwards thanks...karly
  3. thanks john......seems its missing a cover on the middle collimation part too (not the full front cover)....that would or could explain why it has few scratches on glass front.....couple of finger marks too including one deep inside on the edge of bottom big mirror....im 99% sure this is a B-stock scope....no other explaination....god knows how im gonna re-pack it....was hard un-packing it .....what are my rights regarding this ? do i pay to send it back ?
  4. after unpacking my new celestron cpc 800 i noticed a few small scratches on the front glass (corrector plate). they are hard to spot and took a torch to spot them. im unsure what to do now as i dont know if this would affect the performance of this scope. so will these small scratches give me problems with viewing or AP ? send it back or keep ?
  5. i got a nice case for £30 from Instrument Case. sponge included... it holds my main stuff nicely http://oi42.tinypic.com/eb8sqx.jpg
  6. its very sad really to see not many young here involved with astronomy tho....i bet if this was the USA then we would see MUCH different results.....my 10yo daughter watches a lot of those kids sit-coms from USA and i see many times posters in there rooms of space etc... i think the question is "how does the UK make astronomy more appealing to the young" well....it would help if the government would get rid of all these stupid street lights so city kids could notice "there is a sky up there" and one with such beauty/wonder in it !! stick patrick moore on big brother perhaps ?.....that shud up the astronomy ratings wid the young !!
  7. just wondering.....i know i did not wanna tread down the AP route as its very expensive and hard....but i see many peeps taking nice shots with just a point and shoot cameras....and im damm well jelious i know a few things i would need to do some AP with the set up ive got such as modify my canon EOS 1100 perhaps ? (few hundred). a wedge (more few hundreds).....so, with those two extras bought, then how close would i be to having a good beginner AP set up ? the list of goodies i have is in my sig... i also know a good mount is important (more hundreds)....im only saying this as i have some money comming my way come new year (few grand).....i would not want to spend it all on AP but mabe most of it could be used... would be lovely to build up a nice collection of moons/planets and some easy DSO's whilst i have frig all else to do with my time:). i probly should have put this in the beginner section.... karly:)
  8. ive had these drops too and can say with experience that the other side effect can be fuzzy halo's around lights and blured vission...doc told me not to drive for a few hours until side effects settle...(cant drive anyway)....not sure how it effects everyone but some side effects would hinder you even more perhaps.......also.......suppose drops did work...eyes are very precious to us and very delicate... what long term damage drops could do if you used it regulary ?.... ....i do my wieghts without steriods thankies so i pass on that one
  9. good question as i live about 4 miles from where my local astronomy obs is.....i can imagine there to be just a little more darker than where i live but i dunno how light pollution works.... my south give darker views than my north thats for sure.. karly
  10. indeed she is ....most my life ive give give and....give with a smile too .....never asked for much in return....she could see that...ive saved buttons for ages now....its been a long road....i done my bit now ...time to relax and enjoy something i can call "DESERVED" im lucky to have her truly.... karly
  11. LOLOL ...... its cornflakes i be getting for me christmas dinner.... lets just say............................................... im SKINT i blame this place:p ... ye all a bad influence on me on a serious note....ive always wanted to get stuff like this ever since i was 15 or so....just never had the money or the location for astronomy... my wife would simply refuse to let me buy such stuff if there was no real passion there...but she can see i sleep stargazing .. after all these years i still get a BIG kick looking at the androm galaxy and more with just a pair of "sadsocks" bino's so these scopes are all my dreams come true...and so is this forum:icon_salut: i now feel alive karly
  12. hey peeps......i could not help myself in blowing my budget and gone past it even....but i could not resist i know i would simply blow my remaining budget on anything and everything not astronomy..... and be full of regrets, so while im hot then sod it !! im thinking of the future here knowing i may not get the chance again...and the now:D ive just orded the .... Celestron CPC 800 GPS. and why that text went that big ive no idea...... this scope can accom AP in the future a little so i think with some extra gear much later will give me options shud i need it... also....its more transportable than my big 12" dob shud i want to take it someplace in my mates small car..... with me and my daughter doing astronomy then another scope would come in handy.....but if i can sum it all up the im just so damm GREEDY:headbang:......but its fun karly
  13. i will get one of these one day there is a good pic comparison on here with even bigger than 20" !! i doubt that i would get anything like that pictured with my scope... that 25" sure looks a beast ! http://www.obsessiontelescopes.com/
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