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  1. As a newbie here, I am in the primordial stages of planning for my new hobby. In doing so, I've just got to know about taking photos of the astronomical sights that we see. Exactly what type of equipment do we need in order to take clearly resolved pics of space? TIA
  2. Thanks for the many warm welcomes good people... It's appreciated for certain, I can assure you!
  3. Nah! I'm just obcessed with anything connected with the Roswell incident, is all. I've got this sneaking suspicion that we're being observed.
  4. er...actually I got a little carried away. Kindly replace "trillions" with "billions" and promise never to allow human error to ever enter your path in life ever again. You promise? I'm waiting...Still waiting...I'm still waiting.....
  5. * I might have gotten carried away here with the numbers. Let's replace the word "trillions" with "billions". Thanks
  6. Hello there fellow earthlings! I am a continual student of science. I love nature and I will always strive to comprehend it. That's whether it's the natural phenomena here upon the earth or throughout the universe. What intrigues me the most, is the fact that our sun is just one of hundreds of trillions of stars in within the Milky Way... There are hundreds of trillions of galaxies within the universe...Of which, the Milky Way is just one... That's just plain AWESOME!!!
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