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  1. Duct tape! Its so obvious i should have thought pf it myself. I will put the rocks on as well and steal one of those falling rocks road signs in order to warn people. I will also need to custom build a "warning low flying shed roofs" sign but i think the neighbours are already used to it.


  2. Ron,

    All the best adventures are improvised and have tales of woe in there somewhere. That eclipse trip sounds like it must have been great fun. I did a trip around spain with a friend once and we rolled dice to determine the next location great fun! As Dirk Gently states you end up where you were meant to be even if you didn´t know you wanted to be there! My advice is never book a package holiday and go with the flow.

    and yes electronics wise I am capable but mechanically I am missing a few cogs...not good with engines and things.


  3. For me it meant I could save over 100 pounds on the mount as I bought the EQ6 with no goto, an FTDI lead for 10 pounds and am using EQMOD for all the control. If I already had a goto setup then I would agree with you that perhaps it is not required.

    I am hoping to also try out the alignment software at some point and that gamepad is very tempting.

    For me EQMOD is an excellent addition and the gamepad would be required for control near to the eyepiece something which I would have thought is not required for you with the hand controller!

    Neil C

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