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  1. No need to tell us where you borrowed that LiPo from I've got a couple spare, so will have to do the same. Tim (a fellow quad/fpv flier)
  2. Shame you don't live near Maidenhead or posted earlier. You could have hired a lens form http://www.lensesforhire.co.uk £32 to hire a Canon 15mm f2.8 for 10 days seems like an excellent deal!
  3. Everyone into imaging should get this book. It is an excellent read!
  4. Weetooner.... I think you can tick a third planet off your list
  5. Hi Neil, you are correct, flats are what you want to remove vignetting. Very easy to do, just don't adjust focus on the camera and make sure you keep the same f ratio etc. Take a few exposures on auto setting of a uniform dawn sky or white laptop screen. DSS will do the rest.
  6. Lovely image Stan and 5 min subs using the 200mm on an Astrotrac is very good. I notice the brighter stars have halos around them. Was this down to dew?
  7. Have to agree, that was a really good movie.
  8. Hi Ross, I had a similar issue with halo's, which was proven to be the EOS Ha clip filter. The halos were a lot smaller than yours though. Hence, I suspect that it is probably your IR filter that is causing the problem. What filter are you using? Try taking an image of a bright star, with and without the filter to help diagnose the problem. Cheers, TIm
  9. That looks like a Phoenix type connector to me. Take a look here... http://uk.farnell.com/jsp/search/productdetail.jsp?SKU=3705353&MER=bn-me-st-fe-reco-phoe-3705353
  10. I sent mine back to TS. The Lens was quite loose on the bayonet fitting and under the weight of the 200mm meant the chip wasn't square on. Ended up spending the cash and getting the Geoptik
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