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  1. Many thanks for all the replies. I think I'm going to go for a Skyliner 20. Melissa
  2. Can I have your babies ? Melissa --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=52.777235,-1.245166
  3. wisewoman


    That is really beautiful! Melissa --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=52.777265,-1.244836
  4. Do people tend to put their Skyliners on a box or something - even with a length of 1200mm Its going to be quite low down if placed on the ground so i guess there would be a lot of bending over? As i've not seen one in real life I'm trying to figure out how it would work in reality. Melissa
  5. Hey there, So i'm looking at buying a scope - got my eye on the Skywatcher Dob Skyliner 200P and the SW Explorer 200P on EQ5. I was thinking about trying my hand at astrophotography (so thought EQ5 mount) but now think i'ts going to be a while before I get the rest of the gear together as its pretty expensive! So putting astrophotography to one side - which scope do you think is the better? They are slightly different in specs. I was also wondering how easy they both are to dismantle / move around. (I'm not thinking of moving it about regularly) I have around £300 to spend so I would probably
  6. Aghhh no no I cant take any more Vogon poetry - where's the nearest airlock!?!?!
  7. Oh I'm so jealous!! What was your job? The closest I ever got to B5 was kissing:kiss: John Sheridan at a book signing in Nottingham about 11 years ago. He had obviously come back from the future to do it!
  8. Hi there, I'm in a similar predicament at the minute, also interested in eventually trying out astrophotography. But then I discovered that a good motor for astrophotography can cost £500+ ! At the minute i am leaning towards a Skywatcher 200P with EQ5 but i'm also intrigued by the Dobsonians as you get more light for your money.... decisions decisions! Melissa
  9. Hello and thanks especiially to those who reaffirmed my belief that Star Trek is real. People always looked at me as if i was crazy when i insisted that it was and that one day the Enterprise was coming to beam me up! I also think I'm really a Minbarri and that the answer to everything is indeed 42. Hopefully will meet some of you soon in a galaxy not too far from here... Melissa
  10. I was thinking about the portabillity. I wont be carting it around with me that much - maybe occasionally - I'm guessing it wouldn't take more than 10 minutes to put up or take down? I would probably store it assembled in my garage in the corner. Its dry and the permanent cold over winter wont be an issue for the mirrors will it? Thanks Melissa
  11. Have found a Skywatcher explorer 200P /1000 with EQ5 mount and tripod second hand for £299 ! I'm seriously tempted. Owner says its only been used a couple of times. Good deal do you think?
  12. Thanks for the info about the tracking Alt-Az. I'm feeling tempted by the Sywatcher 150PL at the minute - but researching what the equivalents are in Meade and Celestron. As for B5 - don't get me started!! It's the only series that has made me wish it were possible to wipe my mind so that I could watch it anew. "I never did figure out what happened at the end of B5... Did they or did they not find out about the true Vorlons..." I liked how the Vorlons were actually quite evil ! Sadly there were a few threads that were never completely tied up - I believe JMS had plans to do more films etc but
  13. Wow - food for thought Thanks very much. Think I've defintely gone off the GOTO feature. Yes I wanted a motor driven EQ as I thought it would be useful in looking at the moon and planets - they always move so darn fast! My biggest love however is for those Deep Sky Objects - nebulae, galaxies, clusters etc. I would like to eventually try my hand at astrophotography (another reason for wanting a motor) but trying to decide on the telescope first. "Is there a particular reason you specified Equatorial mounts? Their advantage is tracking faithfully, useful only for deep sky astrophotography
  14. Thanks for that - I think I'm now leaning towards having a better scope instead of a 'goto' system.
  15. Hello, Hope this is in the right forum... I see that you can get an iphone App called 'Telescope App' which you use to locate interesting objects. i believe tht once you've calibrated it you sit it on top of your scope and choose an object and it guides you there. It says its designed as a cheaper alternative to the 'goto' systems on some telescopes. Has anyone ever used it? How accurate is it? Wondering... Melissa
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