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  1. I managed to make out M42 with a 70mm refractor so I imagine a 90mak would see a bit more. My biggest problem is lining things up, since it's all manual and a cheap az mount it's not the easiest thing. But it will do for now. I like Double Kick Drum's ideas. Another thing you can do when using stellarium or something like that is star hop. Find something that you know what it is close to what you want to look at. then find a path through the stars and go from star to star until you get to what you want to see. There may be easier methods but that seems to work for me.
  2. Beautiful. I love the first one. The reflection off the water is simply amazing.
  3. You are correct I looked at the specs his does have a live view (I've never actually used his camera, just seen his pictures.) I don't know why I was thinking he said it didn't have a live view. Maybe he was just complaining about the live view. I'll have to ask him... Sorry for the confusion.
  4. I May still be a novice too, but to add to the conversation here. I have a Nikon D3100, and one of my friends has a Sony SLT-A55V. As far as quality Afocal AP and Wide field I can't tell much difference as far as quality. The only complaints he has about his Sony are the same as everyone else here. The AP accessory support and the live view (or lack there of...). I guess it all depends on what you plan on doing, and what you are willing to work with as far as availability of accessories. I love my Nikon, and have no desire to switch over to Sony or Canon. But that's just me.
  5. So i finally got around to actually doing the clean-up work on this one. Not sure if I am completely happy with how it turned out. I think it lost some detail on the bottom right. I may play around with it some more. But here is what I have.
  6. Yeah, i live in a town with 10 houses. and the next closest town is about 7 miles away. The closest "city" is about 12 miles. so very little light pollution. Thanks for the suggestions, I've only been doing this for a few months so I still don't know what all the settings on my camera do. I really learn something new every time I go outside with it. So I appreciate suggestion. I will play around with some of those settings. BTW, that was a really nice image with some good color in there. Thanks.
  7. I feel dumb... I usually use DSS to apply dark frames and then raw therapee to do any additional adjustments. I was so excited that I got my first mosaic together I didn't even touch up the images at all... Good morning everyone. Thanks for the help though I appreciate it.
  8. I wasn't sure if it would be worth getting a cheap webcam or not. I've been using a projection adapter for my Nikon D3100. Is there a decent fairly inexpensive webcam that would still let me drop an eyepiece in there? My scope came with a 3x barlow which is fairly useless for this scope, considering even with the largest eyepiece I have (20mm) it drops me into the greater than the maximum usable magnification for the scope... Not sure why it came with one. If I drop my adapter down to prime focus it may be useful.
  9. It's a Celestron Powerseeker 70 Az. I got it for $50 at wal-mart on black Friday. It was something to get me started and practice a few techniques until I found out what I really want to do, and what kind of good scope I want to get.
  10. So I got some toys for Christmas, and finally put them to good use. Yeah, it's not the best scope, but it's giving me practice for when I finally save up enough for a real scope.
  11. Well I guess that answers that question. (Would it be worth the time and effort to build a barn door). The answer is YES. Wow. That is fantastic. What camera are you using?
  12. Finally got a real tripod, so I could actually take a decently framed Orion image. Image Info: Camera: Nikon d3100 f-Stop: 5.6 ISO: 3200 Focal Length: 55mm Exposure Time: 15sec. Enjoy.
  13. What type of eyepieces are good for Afocal Photography? Had my first attempt last night. I got Jupiter and one moon, but no cloud bands on Jupiter. It was kinda blown out (too much light) so I assume I can fix that with my ISO settings or Aperture settings. My biggest problem is the field of view vs what the camera can actually use. It seems like even though I can see the edges of the field of view the camera can only see a very small portion of the center of the view. So I am lucky if I can get setup and two shots in before I have to re-adjust. I haven't even gotten to my 4mm eyepiece... So
  14. My first was actually completely by accident I bought a camera and was doing wide field shots because I love the night sky and live in an area fairly clear of light pollution, and saw something odd pop up in a few images. A little fuzzy spot. Some posting and a few questions later I find out, that's M31 - The Andromeda Galaxy. So I got a little closer and played around with the DSS (once someone was kind enough to point it out to me.) And I got a little better image of it. And this was all with my Nikon D3100 out of the box, so the first one is 18mm and the close up is 55mm stacked and zoome
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome and suggestions. That is part of the reason I was thinking of the cassegrains was for the imaging side. Is there a good comparison for imaging dob vs cas?
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