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  1. Hi all, here is another scope test. This time M51. I am getting closer to getting clean flats so feeling happier with the scope as I get used to its foibles. This is 16x 300sec with the Luminance filter. Camera ATIK 383L_ mono. Scope: Skywatcher Quattro 300s Mount: Paramount MX+ Software : TheSkyX pro, CCDAP and Pixinsight There are a couple of dust moats that the flats aren't removing so I have cleaned the CCD. Next session will clear that up hopefully.
  2. Thanks for the idea. Just tried calibrating some of the Flats subs with the Master Flat. This worked really well. Maybe a hint of a left right gradient, but only if I really stretch the image. The dust motes and halo are not evident.
  3. No, The canon was to see if the halo was visible with this camera as well and therefore ruling out that it was a problem with the ATIK camera. I'm not quite that new to this hobby The flats for the ATIK and the Canon both show the halo.
  4. The central halo is a lot worse without the flats. I have contacted skywatcher and they are looking into it. I took some more flats as a test today with my Canon T2i, and the halo is still there, so it's not the ATIK camera and filter wheel. I have a feeling its either the coma corrector(Skywatcher f4 version) or a reflection off the secondary mirror. It comes with black sides and back so I didn't check it for any other issues.
  5. Hi, here is last nights shot at M101. This is a luminance run only and was to test to see if the central Halo was still there, and it is, grrrr. I have a sneaky suspicion it is coming from the edge of the secondary mirror. I have pretty much painted everything else matt black, so far. Anyway, Here is the Luminance run. Subs: 10x 300sec, 5x 420sec Processed in Pixinsight. BIAS, DARKS and FLATS applied. Cheers Paul
  6. Thanks Goran, nice job with the retouch.
  7. Hi, finally starting to get my mount working again and shot a night of Luminance on M66 and M65. After flats calibration I am getting a weird halo but I think I know whats causing it. Anyway here is M65 with M66 and 34x300sec exposures. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi, well I have been after getting a video of an Iridium flare for some time, and finally I had a clear evening off work. So I gave it shot. Iridium flare Clear Skies Paul
  9. Ok, I agree on the black point but I didn't do that for one very good reason, NOISE! With only a relatively small data set, if you push the stretch of the image the noise increases significantly. Anyway, here is a new version with the black point brought in a little. Clear Skies Paul
  10. Hi, here is a quick 10x 300sec in HA on the NA nebula and the Pelican. Not sure if the framing is good but it came out ok. Clear Skies Paul
  11. Hi, I use an Icron Ranger 2304-LAN. It works very well, the only down side is needing a power supply at the scope end. Icron Ranger 2304-LAN
  12. Hi, here is my version of the super moon. Its a four panel mosaic shot with FSQ106 and ZWO120mm-s with an IR pass filter. stitched with Microsoft ICE Cheers Paul
  13. Update - I have had contact with David from Hitec, and he tells me the MHP can do single stepping. Apparently the MHP just needs a firmware update which David has available. So that should sort things out nicely. Clear Skies Paul
  14. Hi, I have used a USB over network device from ICRON to control my telescope in my shed from over 150 ft away. This is USB 2, but ICRON do an active USB 3 device that can do 15m, they also do a box that connects over fibre optics for USB 3 over longer distances, not cheap but they work. I would drop ICRON a line before ordering. They were very helpful when I had a few initial issues but my Ranger 2304-lan works very well. Here is the link to the USB active cable http://www.icron.com/products/oem/usb-extenders/cat5/usb-3-0-sp3001-15/ Clear Skies Paul
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