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  1. How would you go about cleaning off the ccd? tad bit of pushed air and not canned air? Those shots look really nice currently waiting on my MS lifecam adapter to arrive to test that bad boy out...still haven't gotten this cam on par with those shots tends to be tons of noise for me just need to get the settings just right.
  2. You will def get some answers here...not a DIY observatory guy but there is a similar build on here with a similar observatory...you still need to level the ground out so it is most definitely a DIY project. http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-observatories/170054-my-obs-taking-shape.html
  3. If you are still looking keep an eye out for the MS lifecam cinema 720p...that adapter rocks and it is fairly easy to mod I didn't really find it difficult...I found three of them for $15 a piece so they are out there cheap you just need to keep your eye out for them.
  4. Sausages send/buy me one I'll take a look :p
  5. My sepia moon shot was done due to the low exposure level I set my camera to...kind of like the red/brown looking color though but a simple desaturate will change it back to "normal" moon colors...like the different look though.
  6. Wonder if Betelgeuse will look like that to the naked eye when it goes super nova. that is a wonderful image tons and tons of detail in there that is pretty dang impressive. BTW what are you using to get the long exposure times?
  7. Have Pro 3 it is a very nice app...have it for both the iPod and my Mac...pretty sure you buy it once you get it on all devices. The mac version is stellar I love using it.
  8. In the beginning when protons and electrons started forming atoms they began forming hydrogen gas under the weight of gravity and started the first clouds which may or may not account for the hydrogen we see today, but all other complex clouds are a result of a super nova...the hydrogen should be from the beginning as stars usually exhaust all their hydrogen with fusion.
  9. To add to those two troublesome screws...the one you remove through the mic button hole is one of the screws on the base of the mount that you end up pulling off of the case so it doesn't need to be removed or touched at all since it will come off the other part after the big silver screws are removed...the other very difficult black screw is one of the screws that hold the IR cut and lense on the sensor board and can be removed once the whole mount is disassymbled.
  10. Billet Parts / Vintage & Classic Spares 29th Jan 2012 NOTE : This product is currently undergoing a design of a series 2 lower profile version. All stocks of the original design are now exhausted. We expect the new type to be available first week of February.
  11. wonder how the lego faired after reentry.
  12. Yeah I just purchased one from them to ship it over the pond and as soon as mine shipped it no longer showed up on their site...sorry mate I might have grabbed the last one. Actually purchased one on the 17th of this month so might not have been the last one. On a side note I did run into another mod link for the MS lifecams: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharpshutter/6667338191/
  13. When modding a webcam, ensure you know exactly where the led light is you plan on destroying or else your mod will not be successful ...luckily I had two cams on stock for the MS lifecam mod so all good...not to mention they were gotten very very cheap so no harm no foul and fun to do...just waiting on my tube for the lifecam mod to come in to get a nice professional looking mod. Oh, and can confirm the little screw that is hard to find and get to does NOT need to be removed...just skip that part and this mod is rather straight forward and very easy to do...with the IR cut filter removal at th
  14. Your jUpiter is way better than mine I am still messing around with settings but managed to see a lot more than I though I would...seems like they act like a 10mm eyepiece witha 700mm focal length scope. Just picked up some MS lifecams though for $15 a piece so super excited to get these ones up and running.
  15. I bleive you also got Sirius just above the roof as well...super bright star looks great I really like the look.
  16. Definitely @ 18mm go for a 30sec exposure minimum unless you can bump it up to say 40-45secs. @ 35mm I can manage 20s with no start trails and about 10s @ ~70mm. 18 looks like the way to go though longer exposure times and shorter f ratio should bring out a good bit of details.
  17. I will be secretly visiting Freddy but mask the trip as the honeymoon with the fiance. at least that is what I would like to do.
  18. Unmodified but still very impressive...I haven't seen this one as of yet and it looks absolutely amazing well done on the shots...keep those southern pics coming this is awesome.
  19. Looks like ebay is the place to put my altaz 3" refelctor when the time comes to finally updrage to a dob
  20. yeah I might do that eventually, but was thinking more along the lines of wide view photography...don't really have the appropriate scope right now to utilize a DSLR properly and obtain the proper inward focus.
  21. I'd count it for sure definitely a 7 planet night IMO kind of let's everyone know you only missed the one...but then again there are some dwarf planets out there you can add to the list as well...what is the possible one in the asteroid belt named again? Then Pluto and it's companion out there in the keiper (sp).
  22. Ha think you have it bad...my work schedule doesn't allow for really anytime to view while I am working but I do get a considerable amount of days off...I am on my last day of a four day work week (the long work week) and it has been clear every single night all week...wake up this morning and rain rain rain...supposed to be like this all weekend until I have to go back to work
  23. Yeah all good. regardless there is just no support on the sony's for astro purposes...I have been searching high and low for a decent LP narrowband filter for the camera so I can take some decent wide view shots without a horrible gradient to get rid of...plenty of stuff out there for Cannon though
  24. I hope this wasn't the unpacking photos we were waiting for?
  25. Still trying to figure mine out but this is my first webcam experience...find my view is very grey but haven't really sat down to look at the configureation and get a good focus on it...only messed with trying to see jupiture and for some reason I couldn't obtain focus...I can get focus inside the house on the wall...would you have to advance the camera closer to the secondary to focus further away or the other way around?
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