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  1. Hello Eric. Welcome to SGL.
  2. Hello John. Congratulations on the new dob and welcome to SGL.
  3. You can often get a good deal on Gumtree. I suggest you ask here about the quality of the instrument before buying.
  4. eid

    moon 3-7-14

    I agree, I really like daytime moon pictures. Well done OP
  5. Nice pic. Looks very natural.
  6. I own a pair of Pentax 8x40 PCF WP II which I'm very happy with now (the first pair were misaligned). Theyre about the maximum I'd take on a walking holiday so they suit my other activities.
  7. Sounds like a good lesson which you're unlikely to repeat
  8. Hello Chris. You've definitely come to the right place. Congratulations on your new scope and welcome to SGL.
  9. eid


    Hello Danny. Welcome to SGL and congratulations on your new scope. I'll look forward to reading your "wow moments". Curious nickname you have....
  10. That's a great picture/video. Thanks for sharing.
  11. eid

    Hi everyone!

    Hello. Welcome to SGL. As others have said, the 6" dob is a good choice for starting astronomy. Let us know how you get on.
  12. I use a black towel, but I think that hoodie is a great idea <lol>
  13. Nice setting. Hope you enjoy your break.
  14. I've noticed on the BBC weather website that they change the forecast regularly as the time gets closer and often still get it wrong when its only a few hours away. I'm not sure why we put so many resources/faith into this "science".
  15. Nice picture. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Nice. Congratulations. <reaches for the raincoat>
  17. eid

    Noob Alert!

    Hello. Welcome to SGL and congratualtions on your new hobby.
  18. eid

    yet another newbie

    Hi Greg. Welcome to SGL. Commiserations on your sky (I know how you feel).
  19. Hello Arun. Welcome to SGL (and stargazing!)
  20. Hello Lex. Nice setup. Welcome to SGL.
  21. nice picture. thanks for sharing
  22. Hi Raymond. Welcome to SGL and congrats on your new scope.
  23. eid

    complete newby

    Welcome back. Your story is very familiar to me
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