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  1. Here's a nice looking Lunar Halo from tonight. It was a huge halo, the picture definitely doesn't do it justice. Sony A300, single shot, 10 sec., ISO 800. Thanks for looking!
  2. Thanks! The horizontal line is an airplane, when the line gets bold is when it flashed it's lights.
  3. The ISS passed over my location earlier this evening. Surprisingly, It was my first ever time seeing it. It was a cool experience, it started out dim in the SW, then got brighter as it passed overhead and retreated NE. These pictures are 15 sec., ISO 400 at 18mm with a Sony A300.
  4. Amazing image! I like the clarity and sharpness of it.
  5. Another vote for Sky Safari. I use the Plus version and it is amazing.
  6. Here's tonight's moon. Camera settings were single shot 1/640 sec., ISO 200. Processed in Photoshop CS6. There are some washed out parts, but I like to have the contrast on the terminator. Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks, I use a Sony A300. It is pretty good for solar and lunar pics, but I'm looking to get a Canon for deep sky astrophotography.
  8. Here's tonight's pictures. 1/500 sec., ISO 400, Single shot. Processed in Photoshop CS6. I got some nice lunar observing in, I saw the craters Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin for the first time. Thanks for looking!
  9. Very cool! For future reference, only 4 of Jupiter's moons are visible, the others are way too dim to be seen, so the fifth was probably a background star. Great experience though!
  10. I keep my dob out for 30 minutes caps off before I start observing. During the time, I go over possible targets, observing lists, etc. You can also get your eyes dark adapted while getting familiar with the sky. If you use your scope directly, I wouldn't start with planets because of reasons above. You need to get rid of the thermal gradient inside the 'scope.
  11. Thanks everyone! Yep, the sun sure is active right now.
  12. Here's today's sun. A lot of sunspots are visible. Single shot, 1/1250 sec., ISO 200. Processed in Photoshop CS6. This image was taken around 10:00 GMT. Thanks for looking!
  13. M1 is small, about 6 arc minutes across. It is fairly difficult to observe, but should be visible with your setup as long as you have fairly dark skies. I've seen it with my 150mm scope' in orange zone skies. Here is a screen shot from http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm. You can plug in your equipment and see what the size of objects look like in your FOV. This is with your 200p and 25mm eyepiece.
  14. Thanks guys. It took me a lot of nights to finally find it, but it is well worth it.
  15. Tonight was an amazing night. I went out at 7:30pm. This is my first time observing since the time change; it’s getting dark around 5:30pm now, which is great. I had one simple goal for tonight: observe the Triangulum Galaxy (M33). I used my SkyandTelescope pocket atlas for the first time. I like it but I have to get used to it. Mobile sky maps are easier to read for me right now. This was also the first night I listened to music while observing. The song is The Far River by John Sierre. Hubblesite’s Tonights Sky videos use that music. It is relaxing and awe inspiring, really complementary to
  16. Thanks guys. If I stacked a lot of 10-15 second exposures in DSS, would I get star trails, or a nice clean image?
  17. This is my second attempt at wide field imaging. It's an orange on the bortle scale where I live so the sky doesn't get too dark. Nonetheless, here is a quick 15 sec., exposure. My setup was a Sony A300, 30mm on a tripod. Single shot, ISO 200, 15 sec. Crop and levels adjustment applied on Photoshop. Thanks for looking and any advice is appreciated.
  18. Nice picture! It's been cloudy here too but I can't wait to do some more solar imaging.
  19. Star Walk is good, but I like Sky Safari too. Sky Safari has an amazing information about most deep sky objects.
  20. I finally got to do some solar imaging today. This took longer than usual because I had to get back into the routine. 1/1250 sec, ISO 200. Single shot. Nothing to interesting here but a couple nice sun spots nonetheless.
  21. Incredible image! I like the detail along the terminator.
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