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  1. Thanks! So it's basically the size of something in the sky?
  2. I've seen this term a few times and am struggling to understand what it is. What is it and how do you find/calculate it? Thanks!
  3. That's a very nice image! What size eyepiece were you using?
  4. Can someone guide me in the right direction for a filter kit? Just a basic, four filter pack similar to this one. Zhumell Lunar and Planetary Color Telescope Filter Set - Telescope Accessories at Telescopes Thanks!
  5. We had a small gathering locally, with a few telescopes, mostly six inches. It was partly cloudy going into the night, but luckily it cleared up as the night went on. It was amazing for a beginner like me! I saw Jupiter along with it's 4 visible moons. We also saw the M45 Pleiades, caught a glimpse of the M31 Andromeda galaxy, a nice crescent moon, and a variety of stars. Overall, a good seeing night with great transparency. Most importantly, I had an experience with the telescope I'm planning on getting (Dobsonian 6 inch). The view was great and I'm really looking forward to having one! Anyon
  6. Jupiter was extremely bright last night! I didn't really have problems looking at it, but it's the brightest I've seen it this month!
  7. I just came in after a long night of stargazing too! I'm a bit behind you in the timezone, but I was amazed at what tonight had to offer. My favorite was probably M45.
  8. Welcome to SGL! I joined recently and this is a group of very nice people!
  9. Episkey


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  10. Amazing! I've always been a big fan of the Pleiades!
  11. That's a very nice image! Good contrast and bright, nice shot!
  12. Episkey


    Hey guys! I'm new! I'm currently awaiting my first telescope, probably a Dobsonian 6 inch. I have a good pair on binoculars for observing Jupiter, which is bright this time of year! I look forward to being here!
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