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  1. Here's my images of the super moon from last night.

    Single shot, 1/1250 sec., ISO 200.


    Also here is a wide-field shot, I took two separate exposures: 1/320 for the moon. 1/2 for the background. Both were ISO 200, 300mm focal length. This is my first attempt at this so it doesn't look great.

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  2. I spotted the double and deleted one for you


    I'll give you my review of the Amateur Astronomy year 2012 from our sceptered shores that are the UK. So lets start...

    Rain, cloud, rain, rain, cloud, fog, rain, rain, cloud, rain, rain (repeat sequence 50 times), semi-clear, rain, cloud, rain etc.

    So not good in my recollection.... :mad:

    Proper bah humbug me !!! :)

    Haha, this year was a rough one stargazing wise.

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