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  1. Meant to say a new Cam.....possibly an IS or QHY model - as well as getting rid of my dead pixel problem, I assume these will allow for a brighter image?
  2. Thanks for confirming that -4 is the max exposure setting. The image is brighter with the 200PDS, but my vids are pretty noisy. As for the Mak, understandably given it's F ratio, its darker, but I am surprised at just how dark it really is - and if I add a x2 barlow, its been pretty much impossible to get an image. I'll keep plugging away, and as you say James, Saturn is tough this year - perhaps my expectations are too high and my knowledge lacking...... I am pondering getting a Cam though, the dead pixels are a real pain.
  3. Hi All, I am currently using a TouCam Pro II (flashed to SPC900NC) for planetary imaging. The maxiumum expsoure setting I get for the Cam is -4 which makes for a fairly dark image, especially with my Mak 180. I can improve things using gain, but this is introducing large amounts of noise and has highlighted that fact that my Cam has some dead pixels, one of which is dead-centre on the CCD chip! I also have a modded Xbox Cam which is inferoir to the TouCam, but importantly does allow for a higher exposure setting - I can go up as far as -1. This makes for a brighter image, especially with Saturn. Is a max expsoure of -4 correct for the TouCam / SPC900NC Cams or is mine faulty? I'm thinking of investing in a dedicated planetary cam - I assume these will allow better exposure control? Thanks, Andrew
  4. I'm very impressed with these, really good images - very well done! I ordered a Mak 180 the other day and it has just arrived, I cant wait to try it out later on (for once the purchase of a new scope hasn't brought with it the clouds!)
  5. Well done Mark, you are right to be proud! Its a great feeling isnt it, I managed to get a picture published in the same mag last year - it was either issue 2 or 3, cant remember at the moment, but was also an image of the moon.
  6. Thanks for the comments, appreciate it. I wondered why I kept getting the little circles when processing - I now know why they are called Onion rings! Yes, the gain is pretty low on all the footage I took on Sunday - around 20 on all but one file where its set to 47 - I'm processing that one now to see if I get any more improvement - I will post it up later if there is. Its looking like it might be clear tomorrow night for me, so I'll grab some more footage with the gain even higher, see what improvements that makes.
  7. Great images, wish my own looked like this! (I think seeing these has answered a few of my own questions on a new thread I just started...)
  8. Lovely image, I wish my own looked at good at this!
  9. Absolutely brilliant image, well done indeed!
  10. Hi All, I thought I'd post these shots of Jupiter and I'd really welcome everyone's thoughts and comments. I'm pretty happy with the results I had using the Toucam Pro II however I was really pleased with the the avi files I managed to get on Sunday, but I just cannot get the detail on the final image that the avi files suggested I might! I used a x3 barlow ('ED' type from sky's the limit). Both were processed with Registax 5 (version 6 results were not as good). I think I'll give AS!2 a try this evening to see if I can get any more detail. Any advice you can give is very welcome - I really do enjoy planetary imaging and want to improve. Any tips on processing would be welcome - will castrator be of benefit, in particular with regards registax 6 (which I think I've read doesnt like images that bounce around too much). Also does PIPP do a better job of picking the best images for stacking than registax? I'm also starting to wonder if this as good as I can realistically expect using the 200PDS and TouCam Pro II, and do I need to consider a dedicated cam such as the QHY5L or maybe a DMK to improve upon this? I know a big MAK or SCT will help with planetary imaging and I have plans to purchase something late this year. Any thoughts on the barlow I'm using - it was fairly cheap and perhaps this could be impacting the final image quality? (also I'm a little confused as to 'ED' vs the Revelation Astro Apocromatic lens on FLO - would the Apo one be better?). Thanks for looking....sorry for all the questions. Andrew
  11. Hi all, About time I posted my first M42 image. I was playing around to be honest and its only 28 x 1 min subs + 1 x 1 min using a layer mask to try and get a bit of core detail. No darks or flats and an unmodded 1100d used for imaging. There was some wispy cloud in front of the nebula too. Probably over-processed too, but all in all I'm pretty happy with the result. Let me know your thoughts, I'm planning to revisit when the weather improves. Cheers, Andrew
  12. Brilliant image, you must be chuffed to bits with that!
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