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  1. I just installed WXastrocapture to use on my SPC900. I want to record the Solar Eclipse. Could someone give me some advice of what setting to use under video device/ properties please. Cheers
  2. Hi, I made the dot, but seems like having the adhesive ring would help more. Are these these ok? 500X RING REINFORCERS PAPER HOLE STICKERS REFILL PAD RING BINDERS FOLDERS FILING | eBay Cheers.
  3. Thanks for that steve. So any colour pen would do. and would you think it's worth it to add adhesive ring to the dot? or no need. Thanks steve!
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply Just few questions, when you say pierce it, how big shall i make the centre hole? and once i have made the centre hole, do i just mark the outline with the Permanent Marker pen, or just make a kind of dot. reason i ask, is when i did the collimation, i had get the black dot in the centre or the circle that was on the primary morror. but if i just make a dot so to speak, will this be harder to line up, if you get me ? Ps would a white pen be best ? Cheers
  5. Hi, I errr cleaned my 8" Dob Primary mirror, but before i cleaned it, i noticed the centre sticker looked like it had lifted abit. but i thought maybe it will be ok! but i was wrong! it has now come off Well what do i do now guys lol!! Any help would be great Cheers!
  6. Hi, All sorted. i had to unscrew the mirror screws then pull it very careful. The mirrors very dirty. What's the best way to clean the mirror thanks
  7. Hi thanks for that. It's solid lol it just wont budge... Cheers anyway. now where's that hammer P.s shall i remove the other screw to get more grip.. it's just wont come off! Cheers
  8. Sorry Old thread i know. I need to remove mine so i can add a handle to my 8" dob! Removed the 6 scews, but it's so tight i just cant move it. so will i now have to remove the screws that hold and adjust the mirror? Any ideas will be great thanks
  9. Hi john, I'm about to order 2 of these handles in Steel, not sure what the brass would look like? WDS 8532 Handle, Handles - WDS What screws or bolts did you use? are these the right washers for it? Parma Body Repair Kit (Foam Washers & Adhesive Protecto | eBay And is that a waight at the bottom of the dob? if so where u get that Greatful for your help. Cheers
  10. Just orderd these for my ep's etc. Where and what kind of foam do i need ? Cheers for the link
  11. I have the 12.5 and 6mm William Optics SPL. And there a very nice ep
  12. I know you use a web cam etc to take pics of the planets. But tonight i'm looking at jupiter via a 12mm and 2x tal barlow! The details are so good tonight. i thought how could i take a picture just like i'm looking at it via my ep. the moons look good etc. is there anyway, maybe a different camara where i can use an adapter to hold a cheaper camara to take pics through the ep. any info would be great Cheers
  13. I think i have wasted money buying the adapter for the cam lol have to look into a different cam that just uses the ep as the a magnification. If there is such a thing.
  14. I have! tried the moon. it with attached to a 13mm. hmm lol forgot that the cam acts like 6 - 8mm etc.. i was thinking it would just use the ep as a 13mm. didn't look that fab on the live recording. maybe i was doing something wrong. Gina, Have you taken any pics with your cannon 1100D usng your ep yet? can you use it for live cam viewing. and record with it? I want to get another cam or somethng! so i can use my ep for recording the moon etc.
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