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  1. durr

    Almost there

    Thanks Pete. Yes I think we are in for a few quiet years.
  2. durr

    Almost there

    Sorry Mike I meant to say it just gets past the tree line about middle March. Its raining here to.
  3. The sun is almost above the tree line seen from my back garden. It seems ages since I had my solar scope out observing.
  4. This is an active area that I took some time back when we actually could see the sun.
  5. Just put this through registack but without too much wavelet .
  6. Thanks Steve will do.
  7. Yes the program that I use is Registax so I should reprocess the image , after all I do have loads of time to redo them with the awful weather we have had. Nothing but cloud and rain for weeks I have just about had it with astronomy. My other hobby is microscopy so not too weather dependent so I may concentrate on that instead of solar observing. Thanks for the critiques guys always very useful to hear what others see.
  8. Taken with my Lunt 60mm double stack mounted on a Skywatcher EQ5 PRO Synscan GOTO mount. Camera used was a DMK 41AU02.AS Mono. Steve Durr
  9. Thanks guys the cloud layer is back with a vegemce but have got all spring and summer.
  10. The sun has at last risen over the tree line and can now be viewed and imaged by me. I aligned the mount up tonight with Polaris and covered it over ready for some solar observing when the sky is clear. Balanced the scope up and checked the battery which is always recharged once every two months just to keep it ticking over and everything works beautiful. Stephen Durr.
  11. My 6,3 Quantum binocular mounted on a yolk mount and bought from the wide screen center. They come with X20 , X20 & X37 eyepieces. I find these binoculars work really well when left outside for about half an hour to cool down. The good thing about these types of binocular is you can view for hours without neck ache, coupled with a swivel chair they are excellent. Steve
  12. I use a Lunt 60mm pressure tuned scope with a 60mm D/S.
  13. I use a Lunt 60mm pressure tuned scope with a 60mm D/S. It gives some incredible views of our nearest star. I sold all my night time observing gear because of light pollution here in London. Solar observing is at least warm.
  14. Mooi, fantastische foto's een genot om to Uitzicht. Steve.
  15. Thanks Dave was just checking your images (always do ) to see where the spots were. Not much sun here but tomorrow!!!!
  16. A class act to follow Craig. Excellent. Steve
  17. What excellent images we get on this site.
  18. Really enjoyed these images.
  19. Well done capturing this Chris and if you get anything else on this please post. Steve
  20. 80mm refractor. I used a reducer on my camera for this image.
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