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  1. Sounds promising. Im just looking to make things as easy as possible. Id love to have the time and patience to work through the whole setting up processes but I just don't have that time. So if a scope like this is capable of easy set up, then theres my answer. I realise it not everybody's cup of tea, but it certainly looks like it may be mine. But I think I'll look to keep my old scope in the hope that one day perhaps when i have more time, I can spend some time on the setup processes needed for such a scope. Gonna have a look at the scopes recommended on here...cheers everyone.
  2. Yeah, thats what I was just looking at...the Evolution. Sounds promising. Does a scope like that mean you don't need the gps bits, sky sync, polar alignment hassle etc?
  3. Yeah, got quite a few book, and seen quite a few objects in the night sky. And i was fortunate enough recently to have met a guy on a recent cruise who just happened to be into stargazing and brought some binoculars onboard. He was able to find objects in the blink of an eye...very impressive. And I definitely agree, there is a lot of satisfaction when you've finally found an object you've been searching for. Its just that I see major problems trying to polar align the scope, and thats really the starting point for viewing objects in the night sky. It just seems such a trick operation, and Im
  4. Hi Blazar. Yeah, Ive viewed Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Abdromeda etc. But they are easy to find and Ive simply pointed to scope where it needed to go and viewed them. I wanted to see if I could locate Uranus and I spent hours the other night with no such luck. I had iPad apps for guidance (star walk etc) but you know what its like...everything is upside down, back to front etc, and just gets really confusing. The only way for me to do it currently is to set up my scope so that I can turn it to the correct coordinates and locate objects that way. But its just not working for me and I'm wasti
  5. Hi all, After many, many hours of trying to set up my scope so that I can find anything in the night sky by simply turning my scope to coordinates listed in the stargazing mags, Ive finally given up and called it a day. Cant even get past the polar alignment procedure. What a flipping nightmare. Took some time levelling the EQ5 mount and definitely a struggle seeing the ball level in the dark, even with a torch. Then its impossible to see polaris through the polar scope cause its just appearing too faint, and seems to be surrounded by other stars that only appear to be there when you look th
  6. Ah right, thats easy enough. Cheers for the help
  7. Cheers for that. If 200x is ok, do you know how I work out what eyepiece would allow 200x zoom?
  8. Just had a quick look at the Celestron Xcel LX. Think i might go with those. Does anybody know what the highest magnification I could get away with with the SW200p?
  9. Thought it might not be as simple as i had hoped. :-) Im not sure whether to upgrade a few parts, or get a different setup altogether now. Stargazing is definitely not a straight forward hobby! :-)
  10. Hi all. I recently posted a question on here regarding the difficulties using my scope. Having read all the replies, its clear to see that I have a lot of learning to do and hopefully in time I will improve. I was wondering though, if anyone is able to answer a few more questions, as there is no where else to turn for info. Basically, I have the SW200p, with the eyepieces and barlow that came with it. It also came with the EQ5. So, id like to convert my scope to a goto, and it appears there are several ways to do this. However, what would be the most straight forward and trouble free solution,
  11. Thanks for your replies everyone. There's something for me to take from every one. I think I need to accept that it takes time to master, and there are things that can help along the way. And even when you are directly on top of something, you don't always see it straight away. The comment from the kid on stargazing live was priceless when he was asked what he could see through the scope. Can't remember his exact words, but told the co host he could see a smudge or similar wording. But he hit the nail on the head. Sometimes the smudge in front of you is the object you've been searching or for
  12. Not sure if my last reply was sent...will keep it short. Definitely benefit from better knowledge so need to look at stellarium etc. Would the Goto for my sw200p be of use do you think?
  13. Hi all, hoping you may be able to help. I purchased a SW200p some while ago. Despite lots of study, I'm pretty useless when it comes to finding anything other than Jupiter. And there's not much in the way of clear skys were I live, so its frustrating when you spend ages setting everything up, only for the clouds to float in. So, I'm gonna look at making a few changes. When i make the decision to go out, grab my scope and view the night sky, I want the quickest way of basically grabbing the scope, taking it out side, pressing a button and bobs ur uncle. It's not laziness, its the fact that I'm
  14. Not sure of the settings. When i download my images, the settings download too. So if i see a good image and save it, i note the settings. Because they were all rubbish i deleted them along with the settings. Do you have ideas of the settings needed for sky imaging. Camera will be on a tripod with 10sec timer.
  15. Hi all. There is a book that seems to be highly recommended on this site called Making Every Photon Count. I was wondering if anyone here has read it and might be able to offer me advise on this subject. You see, having recently collimated my SW200p and finally being able to see respectable images, I would really like to take some pictures of what I can see. I dont have a goto or motor etc, purely manual control :-( If that ends the journey of recording images, then I shall have to wait till I can upgrade. However, if imaging is still possible, I would like to take some. So far, I havent foun
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