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  1. Thanks, do you mean to fit over the lens (excuse my ignorance, I should imagine that’s obvious but I don’t want to kill the camera)
  2. Hi I am wanting to take some photos of the sun. I know that I must not point my camera at the sun without a proper solar filter in place and this is part of my question I suppose. I have a LUMIX G80 camera that has an electronic viewfinder so no mirror as in a dslr. If I was to buy a Baader solar filter for this camera could I then safely view/photograph the sun? thanks
  3. That sounds good to me, saves a few quid. Thanks
  4. Hi I have just ordered a pair of Helios Quantum 4 25x100 binoculars. I am sure that I will need a tripod. I have a manfrotto tripod for use with my DSLR which will probably suffice for now but I don’t think it will be sturdy enough (or even high enough) for comfortable observing. I’m sure that I have seen some heavy duty tripods with some sort of pantograph arrangement on them enabling the bins to remain on target when height is changed. Can anyone please point me in the right direction of these things many thanks
  5. Hi I have a basic set up comprising a Skywatcher Explorer 150P on an EQ5 Pro mount with SynScan. Im also using an altair mini guider (Altair Mono GPCAM) linked to my Toshiba Satellite Laptop. Can anyone give me any pointers/advice on how to set this up for imaging? Thanks
  6. Hi Can anyone recommend some decent free (or not too expensive) stacking software for use on a man please?
  7. Hi I keep coming across the abbreviation 'OTA' I get that it stands for optical tube assembly but what is that, is it the same as a telescope?
  8. Thanks.I also have EQMac-2.0.0 Beta 3 which I'm told handles the driver situation (I hope so)
  9. Hi This is probably a ridiculously stupid question, to which I'm almost certain I know the answer, but I have to ask. I am using a Skywatcher Explorer 130P on a Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Goto mount. It will be hooked up to Stellarium on my macbook. At this point I am assuming that all of this works together although the question is probably relevant with or without the computer. Do I have to PA my telescope every time that I use it even if its in the same location? I suspect the answer is yes but please could someone confirm this? Once polar aligned and when using stellarium must I go through the two or three star alignment process every time? If I have to do this every time is it safe to assume that the process gets quicker with experience? I have watched some youtube videos of the process and they are doing PA in daylight, is this possible or is it only a demonstration for the sake of the video? Sorry to ask such basic questions but I am a real beginner Thanks
  10. Its possibly not ideal but I use a Ring battery booster with 12v cigar lighter & USB sockets and a 600w inverter connected to the van battery tom power the laptop. It seems to work OK if a little fiddly
  11. Thanks for that advice, most helpful.. Its looking like clear skies tonight so all being well I'll be able to PA the telescope tonight. Fingers crossed!
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