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  1. hi i live on the coast and wondered which small refractor i could get for looking out to sea but my budget is under 100 quid any suggestions reall apprecoiated also want to use for looking at planets sometimes thx in advance
  2. when i used mine i pointed it roughly north slewed to the sun selected solar tracking then went to auto tracking scrolled down to the alt az dislplay and held the enter button briefly and it follows the sun lovely.check ure long and lat mine has to have east entered first then north. mines a skymax 127 az goto
  3. just some info regards setup scope was skymax 127 on az goto mount with logitech pro 5000 webcam, lunar tracking no barlow just webcam plugged straight into where the eyepiece goes stacked in registax with very little image processing as i dont really know what im doing lol as i recall the webcam was on 30 fps this is the settings from sharpcap for the camera dont know if it helps [Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000] Frame Divisor=1 Resolution=320x240 Frame Rate (fps)=30.00 Colour Space / Compression=I420 Pan=0 Tilt=0 Zoom=50 Exposure=-3 Brightness=106 Contrast=37 Saturation=12 Sharpness=47 WhiteBalance=10000(Auto) BacklightCompensation=0 Gain=255
  4. skymax 127 az goto quickcam pro 5000 webcam stacked in registax tried to link to save reposting pic but couldnt get it to work sorry
  5. definatly worth it im just a complete novice not very good but im seriously hooked.
  6. nice image ...your hands are steadier than mine
  7. thanks guys for ure kind comments.ran out of imaging time due to clouds but next time will get more for a mosaic. for the cam mod was very easy logitech pro 5000 undid middle screw popped open the case removed the lens and filter which was only 2 screws and reassmbled case only took like 5 mins. bought some solar lights from b+q and the tubes they stand in are exactly the same size as eyepieces got 8 lengths of 200mm of stainless steel for telescope mods and 8 solar lights still. so cut off a 2 inch piece and glued it over the opening in the webcam which sits nice no cutting off cam or anything really easy mod to do.
  8. first time i tried this so be kind used logitech pro 5000 with my skymax 127
  9. hi i brought the skymax 127 synscan goto and have had it for about 6 months or so and the motors are sounding a little grindy at certain times mainly on the slow slew speeds such as setting 5 has anyone else had this,and should i be concerned the gears are losing teeth or such like,or do it just need a good grease.
  10. played with this a little with wavelets ull have to excuse the debris which i have now removed and waiting for clouds to break. second attempt so be kind as i am a complete novice
  11. thx guys managed to do it with some micro cloth and using just the weight of the cloth ....although will have to try it again when these dam clouds finally break to be sure its ok
  12. need some advice this is my frist attempt with registax and webcam so any comments welcome taken with skymax127 and xbox live cam
  13. hi i did the xbox live cam mod and seem to have some dust/fluff/or debris on the sensor and i need to clean them off. thought i was really careful but apprently not:( whats the best way to clean them off if anyone knows i would greatly appreciate it thx in advance
  14. kool thz for that .... found a tube from solar garden lights to use stainless steel worked a treat
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