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  1. Sorry to harp om about this, but are EQ6 mounts as difficult to set up as they sound? Also do you have to reset things like polar alignment everytime you use the scope. Still undecided about a bigger Dob or go for the EQ mount with Sky scan or Goto
  2. Cheers gents thats very helpful. Thanks for you time
  3. When I upgrade I might consider a go to system more than likely SkyWatcher's. Can you tell me if I can use the scope manually or does it have to be computer controlled. The reason I ask is I like just scanning the sky manually. If I point roughly in the right direction will the scope then home in on selected target? Thanks fellas.
  4. Hi guys considering the above scope because I want to upgrade from my 8" dob. Not sure of the flexitube! Anyone got one? Doesnt stray light enter the tube because of the gap between the mirrors. Would love some feedback if possible. Thanks guys
  5. Hi fellas , have an 8" Dob at the moment and want to upgrade. I was thinking of a 10" Skywatcher. COuld anyone recommend a tripod /mount without the go-to stuff for ascope this size? Many thanks.
  6. Thanks fellas. David the Bears said it was two small stars with faint nebulosity, I think I did locate it and hadn't realised it. Was looking for something more pronounced!!
  7. Tried a couple of nights recently with the clear skies to locate M78, Have got Stellarium, but gave up. Is it difficult to locate?? Or is it me!
  8. I recently bought a 200P Dob after taking advice from the forum. Had it a few months now and it's great. Very easy to use and I have seen some great sights. As an inexperienced astronomer its the Dob for me!
  9. Cant stop laughing fellas. No wonder I could not see much, had the bl---y thing on the wrong way around. Can see much better now! Ha!
  10. Sorry, but I must be stupid. Have had a telerad for the last few weeks only 200p Dob. Can see the rings fine, but find it very difficult to see any objects, so I am using the finder!! Help would be appreciated.
  11. Since aquiring the above scope I purchased a 'Wixey' angle finder. I always zero it on the scope before I start viewing. Getting a bit frustrated , as I seem to be out by 5/6 degrees when locating objects. Help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  12. I recently aquired 200p Dob. Can you buy a webcam to to fit this scope. just want to take some basic planet video.
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