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  1. Hi , i have a 6 inch reflector,and i want to make an off axis solar filter.The cap from the scope has an off axis hole ready for this, now would it be better and easier for me to cut a square piece of filter larger than the hole ,and then tape it to the underside with industrial strength black strips ,so the filter covers the hole,then put the cap on the scope to view the sun. there is a small cap on the top side of the cover which i can then put on to protect the filter when not in use,has anyone done this ? or is there any reason i could not do it this way rather than making an elaborate filter.? thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. thats when you see the bad quality lol
  3. here is my first try with registax,using 20 shots of the moon ,all i can say its my first try ,i think it needs improvement.
  4. yeh ,my barlow is a low budget one that came with the skywatcher 150,it has one lens init if thats any help.
  5. hi thought i would do some test shots on my skywatcher 150,with a nikon d40 slr with a 2 x barlow attached to the eye tube,its not too bad but i have this ghosty grey fog in the centre and cant get rid of it ,does anyone have any ideas what it might be !its only a cheap barlow so it might be glare from the poor lens. please see the picture attached.
  6. im new to astrophotography but thought i might share some of my attemps via a colage what do you all think,hope to get some neb soon if i try hard enough and master the tecnique.
  7. saturn back in the summer was good for me , and jupiter with the moons was clear too.
  8. the orion neb is allways a good one to look at,it is in the belt of orion.
  9. Finaly got to go out on the quantock hills tonight ,very windy up on the top,moved down lower,we set up the gear and took a look around ,some cloud was a pain but i tried out my new telrad,i must say this is a good little tool.Orion nebula was nice veiwing through my 25 mm ,and good in the 10,got a peek at the crab on my sons telescope too all in all not a bad night.I saw four stars in the orion closely grouped anyone got any info on these?
  10. i got a telrad from santa ,and mounted it next to my crappy finderscope,with the sticky tape supplied,ive yet to try it out as weather has been bad here ,but hope to get out tomorrow night weds 28 dec clear nights are forecast.
  11. skywatcher 150 is a good start ,then get a telrad for it
  12. At last ,a good clear night has come our way here in somerset england,got the scope out at 1900 hrs ,got realy good images of jupiter the belts clear and crisp,the pleiades were a lovely sight a first for me through the skywatcher 150. but waited up late and got my first nebula sighting M42 ORION NEBULA,it was lovely to see .
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