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  1. Had a quick play. What do you think?
  2. Thanks. Will download it and have a play.
  3. You got a like from where i can down load it from? Dont want to type GIMP into google on my works computer.......
  4. Yep its an afocal with my fuji. Need to have a few more plays to try and get the manual focusing sorted out and get a bit more of an understanding of all the manual controls. Unfortuantly i dont really have any processing package on my computer.
  5. Just before Christmas i sold my 8" Newt OTA and bought a C80ED. Been very pleased with the views it has been giving me and to be fair are just as good as 8" Newt. It might actually be a little better on the moon.... Anyway last night i finally got round to taking some pics of the moon using the C80ED. This is only the second time done any imagining on the moon, but still quite pleased with the results.
  6. I agree you havent made a mistake. I owned one for a few year and its a very good scope. Give really good views of the planets, moon and DSO. Just a bit too big for what i wanted.
  7. Thats a very good idea, never thought of that!
  8. It is looking more and more likely that i need a smaller counter weight. Will have to see how much they cost / see if i can make one.
  9. It is a lovely scope, only had it out a couple of time but very pleased with the views. In my light polluted back garden it gives the same views of Orion's Nebula as my old 8" newt did! Plus its a load easier to set up. The problem you might find is balancing it on the mount! I cant seem to get it balance on an EQ 5. No matter where i put the counter balance it doesn't seem to want to balance. Havent had any promblems with the clam shells though
  10. I have used my eyepieces without my glasses before, its just without them i cant really see anything. So it gets a bit annoying having to take them on and off all of the time!
  11. I mainly want it for planets so sounds more and more linkly that i will be getting one of these. thanks for the advice
  12. sounds like i will be getting one of these after Christmas then!
  13. I would agree with Martin. I had the 200 on an EQ5 mount. It is a brilliant scope and gives wonderful views of the planets, the moon and deep space objects (DSO). However i never used it to it full potential as i never really took it to a dark skies. It is a little too big and heavy to quickly set up / transport or shift around. Plus storing it is a right pain. I've in fact just sold the 200 and bought a 80mm refractor (http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=celestron_c80ED_ota&cat=49), so far i am very please with it. I have only seen venus with it (damn clouds), but it is s
  14. yes thats what i was thinking, have a 2x barlow, I am tempted to get something a little shorter. Just looking at the options. Going to get something after christmas. At the moment i am thinking about getting either a 7 or 8 mm TS Planetary HR (http://www.modernastronomy.com/eyepieces.html#hrPlanet) or may be seeing if there is a better ones that are on sale second hand. I wear glasses and so eye relief is something else i have been looking at.
  15. yeah it is really cheap and that's what worries me slightly! At the moment cant really afford alot, i am just really look at option / seeing if there are any real bargins out there. Ideally i want a 7.5 mm eyepiece as this will give me the maxi um (potential) magnification for my nice new scope.
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