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  1. Hi, Currently i have a 5 slot filter wheel and would like to try to gain some narrow band image experience now. have just acquired some filters, The problem is that i have L R G B Ha OIII but not enough slots for all until i can afford an 8 slot EAF and an SII filter. What would be the best layout to ensure i have a chance at the best data combination ? L Ha OIII Blue or stick with R G B Ha OIII, although i do have an Hb filter somewhere to add to the mix if that would be useful for the blue channel. the target would likely be the Witches Head due to my restricted views South.
  2. Hi After my attempts at processing my not so good data recently ( thanks everyone for the great help on that topic i already received ) i wonder if anyone might know of any sources where 1600MM Pro data might be available to allow me to practice processing on ? I thought to try on the same camera type data as tis will hopefully give me a better understanding on the quality of my own data once we get passed the next month of fog that we will have here and hopefully some clear skies again.... Thanks Mark
  3. No only ran DBE on the combined image - i can certainly add the individual DBE into the workflow if its a better option
  4. I still see this taking me quite some time to get the basics sorted - but i do appreciate the encouragement. (always have the OSC to fall back on ) Cheers everyone..
  5. Thanks Everyone, i appreciate the helpful information and will see if i can work on the image with these suggestions. LRGB is going to be a new experience, i just hope i am up to succeeding even a little as want to head over to narrow band at some point Mark
  6. Thanks Everyone for the replies. Apologies for poor description - i was a tad frustrated after a fair few hours trying different methods. Coming at this from a OSC the processing i realise will be quite different at least to begin with. With a clearer mind i re ran the PI older Batchpreprocess with all RGB flats and set of darks - all at 2x2binnig I think where i am most unsure is why i am getting the large colour gradients across the image, from the first suggestion i reduced the number of subs to those taken before moonrise to see how much difference it might make. these wer
  7. Hi, tried stacking both in DSS and Pixinsight The Moon was below the horizon for much of the run, would the Moon account for the very bad colour integration though ?
  8. Hi Please can anyone point me as to how i made some terrible errors in last nights first light with1600MM pro. TS Quad 65mm 100 seconds at 111 gain ( i think) 2x2 binning 30 x each RGB attached , haven't added any Lum image is stacked with no flats ( looks the same with them ) but i was trying to see if the flats was the issue. The Flats do get rid of all the dust bunnies STF stretch nothing else on first and a quick ABE subtraction on second then STF stretch thanks for looking as i would really like to get the Mono sorted out - Mark
  9. Hi, I am trying to minimise my gear changing between OSC and Mono cameras. Using a 5 slot FW, is it possible to use the OSC with the Lum filter or would i need to leave a blank slot in the FW. Reason to ask is that i would like to add an Optolong Extreme filter into one of the slots for the OSC. but would fill all the slots LRGB plus Extreme . this way i only have to switch cameras and wont mess up my back focus etc. (dont really want to buy a bigger wheel) Or am i missing a trick that others use in the same circumstances ? Thanks
  10. Hi Please could someone suggest what i may have done wrong based on the stars in the crop of M42. This is after the basic PI pre processing and final integration. Looking at the individual subs prior to the last step they appear ok so i assume it is as a result of the integration step, or the star align ? subs were taken both prior to and after a Meridian Flip thanks Mark
  11. thanks - i shall keep looking to see if the re is anything i can do with the pre process
  12. again thanks, normally i would dither but last night APT was just hanging during the dither so i had to switch off or lose the whole run time. Darks bias and flats were included ( although it does look like i need a new set of flats )
  13. thanks for the comment - hardly stretched at all so perhaps it was the pre processing that has caused a problem
  14. Hi Does anyone have any hints on how best to process this, currently stacked, basic stretch and curves in PI. Spent a few hours hours on it today but i feel its out of focus and noisy however i am not used to this camera as yet so not so sure what i ought to be capable of taken last night with TS 65 Quad, ZWO 183C, aprox 2 hours of subs at 100secs
  15. Like the framing with the milky way falling into the Standing Stone - a very calm image
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