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  1. Like the framing with the milky way falling into the Standing Stone - a very calm image
  2. i tried this myself over the last clear nights but didnt get anywhere near as nice an image . which camera by the way?
  3. Hi first attempt with OSC using the ZWO 183C Pro. struggled a little to get darks sorted properly as i feel the amp glow is quite high and no flats, but I dont feel it came out to badly - of course all pointers are appreciated 50 x 100 Sec subs TS Quad 65
  4. hi just going to run a new integration and will try to remember not to tick Master Dark optimisation, again just to try to understand what i am looking at - here is a master dark i ran today. any ideas anyone on why there are circles everywhere - just doesn't seem to be correct Or ? Camera is 2 days old so if there is an issue it would be good to know
  5. thanks for looking - i will see if i can find the post on Cloudy nights processing - was simply Screen transfer in PI nothing further here is a single Dark sub
  6. Hi Trying first light with a new ZWO 138MC Pro, testing darks i created a Master from around 10 taken at 120Sec -20 degree i expected some amp glow from reading other posts and reviews but can someone give me an indication if this as expected or ? seems greater that i anticipated thanks
  7. Hi having been away from the telescope for a few years i am trying to get back into imaging. spent the last few nights trying to grab some images of M33 as its one of the better targets available to me. only a few subs taken to test the rig but i notice that i seem to have either square looking stars or very intense stars. i have noticed similar on my TS 65 Quad so i am assuming i need to look outside the scopes themselves. i know how frustrating it can be to try to get everything working together so any pointers would be appreciated Thanks, Mark 7x180sec RGB no lum - quick DBE and stretch in Pixinsight Atik 314L Skywatcher ED 80 with reducer. Bart mask for focus PHD2 guiding ( although not so good as need to drift align) HEQ5
  8. Hi all Having struggled to make much headway with mono and filters I am going to have one last attempt at an "easy " target in M42, before I head back to the dark side of OSC I already had some personal success using my DSLR on this so have a personal reference Can anyone give me rough idea on the possible separate exposure settings to ensure don't blow out such a bright target . With the DSLR I remember taking 3 different exposure times. LRGB and Ha available on the 314 probably with ED80 Many thanks Mark
  9. Many thanks to all your excellent advice and suggestions, with ZWO colour camera it's not easy to get anything visible, but with gain at 0 and exposure set at around 0.6 ms I can at least see some sun spots so a start I am sure my neighbours wonder what I am doing with a towel over my head but only way to see the screen in an attempt to focus. ... I realise that mono is the way but I will point
  10. hi all just trying to start on solar imaginga nd wondered if anyone knows of a tutorial specific to solar with colour cam ( ZWO ) using Fire capture or sharpcap. a look through google show planetary rather than solar thank Mark
  11. hi all just taking my first images for over a year and i have made the error of forgetting to switch to 2x2 binning on RGB foe some of my subs this evening, am i able to mix 2x2 and 1x1 subs in PI when i start to stack or have mucked up ? thanks for any good news Mark
  12. Thanks kyle i know i never messed about with eqmod in the past but i will certainly try this later, maybe the sky will clear again mark
  13. hi Kyle , I just noticed the 2 sliding bars next to the NESW controls that also indicate RA and DEC, these are at 1
  14. hi Roger, definetly a star as i can move it with eqmod ok Kyle I confess that question has thrown me a little bit, I have never looked for RA and Dec settings in EQMOD itself, the only area I can see that related to that when I look at the settings is the " ASCOM Pulse guide Settings" area which RA rate x0.10 and the same for DEC rate, minimum pulse width = 20 msec. not sure that is what you mean though
  15. Hi \All unfortunately my old laptop finally gave up and i have to tp replace it with a new one, windows 10 machine. so far it has not been to painful to find and isnstall most of the old softwares the inly real bproblem being Batinov Grabber which doesnt work at all. so i will try to find an alternative, but the main issue is that i cant guide. I eventually found the drivers for my Starlight express Costar that Win10 was happy with and both PHD and PHD2 can connect to the mount and the camera, I can see the stars using the camera but I get the " star did not move enough " problem. I know the setup was working earlier n the year with the old laptop so I wondered if there might be an issue with the fact that its Win 10. does any one have any experience with using PHD and Win 10 that could shed some light ? laptop has 2 * USB 2 and 1 * USB 3 . I tried all the connection's but non made a difference. I did up the RA to 2000 as per a number of threads suggestions but again no difference. thanks for any ideas Mark
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