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  1. No question the guy is good for getting people more interested in science, he just does my nut. I think it's a combination of the overly repeated 'deep and meaningful gaze into middle distance' and the requirement to attend every country or landmass per episode for seemingly no reason. To be fair, I imagine that's probably more down to the production company trying to capture the increasingly short attention spans of the general populus than the chap himself. Don't get me wrong, if i had the opportunity to get flown to the south pole in order to demonstrate that snow has a pale hue or arizona to allow a comparison to be drawn between sand and galaxies, you better believe i'd be all over it.
  2. South Leeds - its a reeel pretty place
  3. I'd been pondering automating my new dobsonian, but nothing that complex. Used to do a lot of model car racing eons ago so have a surplus of motors, servos, speed-controllers etc, so thought I might just knock something up to deal with the 'nudging' element. Being the ham-fisted oaf that I am there is still a lot of up, down, left, right, there it is, oh where's it gone!!
  4. Hi guys. Feel like I should apologise to you all as ever since I bought my telescope the other week the stars appear to have packed up and gone elsewhere. I have that effect. Anyway, got myself a nice little skywatcher 200p dob and am busy getting to know where things are (or rather where they will be when they finally appear). I'd actually been lurking around for a few weeks picking up tips etc so thought i'd better join in properly. Cheers
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