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  1. Thanks for the walkthrough peter,

    you've pretty much described exactly the process I went through, except when I click start I get no crosshairs and no slewing capabilitiy. For some reason stellarium sees me scope (COM3 confirmed btw) as connected but I get no crosshairs and no functionality when i hit start/slew with ctrl+1 or anything.

    I'm not sure what 'connected' really means, it may mean it recognises something is powered and plugged into port 3 but beyond that the scope isnt working properly. Maybe I will system restore to before I installed the drivers and trry installing the serial to usb drivers again....really hope I can get this to work - cant see what I'm doing wrong.

    Just to check, I've got the handset plugged into the mount, a cable running from the handset plugged into a usb adapter, then the usb adapter plugged into the laptop.

    Might be a bit obvious, but are you selecting an object in Stellarium to view first?

    And yes, the cabling you describe is correct.

    You do need a decent serial/USB cable - apparently some of the cheaper ones don't work (something to do with the chipset inside them).

    If you have the 'scope connected in Stellarium, I think the cross hairs should be located wherever the 'scope is pointing - have you checked that? i.e. point the 'scope at the moon and find the moon in Stellarium...

    Maybe the restore method you mention would be a good idea!


  2. Pritc, I can't find the option stellarium virtual telescope in the device drop down list. Do you mean just if I select telescope controlled by nothing just simulate one (a moving reticle). I do get a reticle when I do that.

    Thanks preening, thought so about the drivers. Should I uninstall the Celestron ones I installed?

    I tried without the handset in pc direct mode but no joy, what setting do u leave your handset in? Do you align using brightest star?

    Are u using a serial to USB cable? If so did you install drivers and how did you configure your scope in stellarium?


    I'm using a serial to USB cable, and the drivers for it are generic ones - Windows seaarched for the drivers online when I plugged it in... It is the "Prolific Technology Driver"

    In Stellarium, go to the Configuration window, then "plugins", then "telescope control", select "configure" and then 'add'

    Scroll down the screen and change the Com port to (probably) COM3 - go to "device manager" and when you plug in the Serial/USB cable it will appear; select it and confirm the port it is using...

    On the next line in Stellarium is "Device model" - 'Skywatcher Synscan AZ goto' is there as an option; select it.

    And that's it...

    I align the scope with "2 stars" - actually it doesn't matter how you align it - once aligned, Stellarium accepts whatever or wherever you say you are!

    You don't need to do anything with the handset - once (1) the 'scope is aligned, (2) Stellarium up and running, (3) handset plugged in with the serial/USB cable to the computer, (4) telescope started in Stellarium (in the configuration menu - telescope control, configure, select scope, start) then (5) everything is controlled by the computer - the handset doesn't need to be touched.

    As Stellarium has it's own drivers, then yes, the Celestron ones are not required.

    And you are correct about the reticle in simulated mode - it simply shows you what it will look like when an actual 'scope is attached.

    I don't think I've missed anything!! The only other advice I can think of is that you should shut down Stellarium before you switch off the telescope - apparently if you switch off the 'scope first it can cause the computer to freeze. I don't know if that's true, but then I haven't tried it to find out!!

    Happy stargazing...


  3. Hi,

    I've just linked my Synscan to Stellarium.....

    You don't need Stellarium Scope - the Stellarium drivers work with Synscan on their own. Stellarium uses the Celestron drivers already, so you don't need those either.

    You also don't go into PC direct mode - maybe that's the problem.

    Set up and align the 'scope as normal, then open up Stellarium, go into the Telescope Control Plugin and select your telescope and connect it ("start"). (Assuming you've added your telescope to Stellarium previously...)

    That is all you should need to do.

    The crosshairs, or a bullseye, will show on the screen automatically, in the current position of the 'scope. Then select an object in Stellarium, press "control + 1", and it should go straight there....

    Hope it helps!!


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