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  1. Congratulations. I live in Senghenydd and you saw it from the very place that my son and I were going to have a bash at seeing it from last night. Unfortunately he didn't finish work until 7pm :huh: so we plan on going up to Eglwysilan Common tonight instead. Are the two radio masts in your photo the ones situated on the western edge of Mynydd Meio? If so I'm guessing that you observed it from somewhere in the vicinity of the old Windsor Colliery coal tips?

    We went up past the cattle grid, and on the way to Nelson - the ref on google maps is: https://maps.google.com/?ll=51.62581,-3.277037&z=16

    It's not Mynydd Meio, it's somewhere in Glyncoch direction.

    The sun dropped below the wind farm - sorry, I don't know it's name! We parked on one of the tracks, which conveniently face west.

    We plan to go up again tonight, about 7pm, weather permitting!

  2. I saw it too :-) We were on top of Caerphilly mountain and after failing to see it for about 20 minutes despite finding the moon, finally spotted it. It was particularly bright, but the tail was clear. There were a few people up there so my 15x70 binos got passed to 6 different people who all got to see it too. Unfortunately Jean had decided she was getting too cold, and by the time she made it back up it I'd lost the reference point of the moon and it was low in the murk. We will try again tomorrow. We did both enjoy seeing the really thin crescent moon though, the newest moon either of us has ever seen. So a good night - worth braving the freezing cold and howling gale for!!

    We were up on Eglwysilan Common above Senghenydd, so not far from you - but just as cold!! And the moon was wonderful, wasn't it!

  3. Hi Cadno & welcome to a whole new world!

    Stellarium is great, as is "Turn left ar Orion". Just soak it all up & enjoy! There is tons of information out there for the cloufdy nights...

    I agree with you - Orion's Nebula is 'jaw-dropping' - but wait until you see Saturn; it's something you'll never forget!

    Have fun!!!

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