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  1. Just spotted this in Avonmouth - might be interesting to someone in the area.... A "6-in-1 Power Station with 140w invertor". Output 230v~, max. 140w. Condition: Used. Working condition unknown, not tested. http://www.bumblebeeauctions.co.uk/XcAPViewItem.asp?ID=140125
  2. 21... Good for a rainy 10 minutes or so!
  3. Me too! (TS bins on a TS tripod) Plus 10x50.
  4. M37 - was it what you wanted???
  5. Hi, Here are 2 version in a zip file - hope it's what you're after! http://www.adrive.com/public/hZyfpB/SynScan.zip Regards, Peter
  6. Well done! Excellent work. I do find the back & options buttons at the top hard to use, but it doesn't stop the app being very useful. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for posting this detailed description - very useful indeed. Would you possibly be able to give an estimate of the total cost at all? Thanks!
  8. Good view again tonight from Eglwysilan Common - 2 nights on the trot! The clouds were in the way when we arrived, but moved on fairly quickly, and came back just as we were leaving... Also nice to meet 'Moffer' & family...
  9. We went up past the cattle grid, and on the way to Nelson - the ref on google maps is: https://maps.google.com/?ll=51.62581,-3.277037&z=16 It's not Mynydd Meio, it's somewhere in Glyncoch direction. The sun dropped below the wind farm - sorry, I don't know it's name! We parked on one of the tracks, which conveniently face west. We plan to go up again tonight, about 7pm, weather permitting!
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