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  1. Hi, I'm in Blackpool and as I look up, from my garden, above the tram tracks all I can see is Jupiter and Venus; but, if I cross over to the prom the stars appear! 50 yards that's all. Last night I caight sight of Plieades in my 10x50s. Very nice. I looked for Andromeda but failed. I'll have to get a planisphere. Looking forward to the cloud disappearing. Regards, Bill.
  2. Hi Ian, Don't worry. I didn't go for the marine model as I thought the independent focussing would be problematic when I use them during the day. Maybe not. Cheers for your comments. Regards, Bill.
  3. Hi Stu, I'll try that tonight. They are central focussing. Thanks, Bill.
  4. Thanks for all your comments. I think I'll contact the vendor after I'll give them one more chance, tonight might be clear, just in case it's my inexperience but it's good to know something can be done. (Ian.) the left side is fine although Jupiter's moons were not particularly viewable to me last night. Regards, Bill.
  5. Hi Ian, They look 'exactly' like my Strathspey10x50s. I have realised that I can't focus my right eye using the dioptre adjustment. I'll try again tomorrow night as tonight was very cloudy, just about saw Jupiter but missed the moons. Regards, Bill.
  6. Hi, I took so long thinking about which bin to buy, went safe with Strathspey 10x50 waterproof, got them for £50 'as new, you wont be disappointed' on Ebay from a high scoring vendor and now I realise that I can't get the right eye properly focussed(?). I've tried it with and without my glasses (Bi-focals.). The left eye focusses nicely. If I have to start wearing an eye patch, this is going to be embarrassing! Please advise. Regards, Bill.
  7. Hi Miranda, I've just received my L-Adaptor today so I hope to be able to hold my 10x50s steady. I caught a glimpse of Orion's nebula and that was amazing and, subject to the cloud base rising above my ankles, I've planned to find Andromeda (M31.) tonight. It's been windy and cold when it has been clear this week so it made it even harder to hold my bins. I just managed to catch a glimpse of Jupiter's moons the first time I used them. Happy observing, Bill.
  8. Hi, I've yet to spot the Pleiades, can't wait! Saw Orion's nebula last night for the first time even though I haven't got the hang of proper focussing cos I can't stop shaking, L-Adaptor hopefully arriving tomorrow. Regards, Bill.
  9. Hi, Just got my Strathspey 10x50s and, while Jupiter was low about 10 minutes ago (9.45pm.), I saw its moons. Looked like they were all there, incredible! My L Adaptor hasn't arrived yet so I was struggling to hold them steady. I'm glad that I didn't get bigger bins because I couldn't have held them and I would like to use them during the day. You have seen an incredible number of targets, well done. As soon as I'd seen the moons and got my lads out........ CLOUDS APPEARED! This is going to take some getting used to. Clear skies, Bill.
  10. Hi Steve, Thanks for your advice, Strathspeys 10x50 waterproof on their way to me. Would La Superba be at all possible with 10x50s? Thanks, Bill.
  11. Hello all, Thanks for all your advice. I've got some 'Strathspey' waterproof 10x50s on the way and an L-adaptor and a monopod (For £8.49!). I tried some 12x60 Visionarys but I couldn't hold them steady. I didn't bother trying anything else. Then I went home and noticed these for £50 'as new' from seller with a good reputation. It'll be the first time I will have got a bargain off Ebay. I can't wait but thanks to everyone who answered my tedious questions. Clear skies
  12. Hi JonF, It's crunch time! I'm about to get my bins, I thought I could resist the Revelations because they might not last long. I take it your impressed? Please post any more impressions. Thanks, Bill.
  13. Hi, I've been looking at 11x70 from Teleskop Express, they seem a good spec. Keep us posted please. Regards, Bill.
  14. Hi vdb, what equipment did you use to get that wonderful image. Regards, Bill.
  15. Hello Steve, Thank you for your comments. I'm glad that I haven't made my choice yet as the skies haven't been great but that's going to change soon. Regards, Bill.
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