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  1. Popped out for about 15 minutes last night at about 11pm and saw one with a decent trail and 2 others - not bad for 15minutes.
  2. No problems with mine - just added the GPS unit to it and that has improved the alignment and set up time. Real benefit is if you are moving scope to different sites
  3. Fog/cloud here in Wetherby - disappointed is putting it mildly
  4. Yep - I enjoyed it - really looking forward to the astrophysics in tonight's episode
  5. Rang up the guys in Rother Valley Optics - took the unit back to them and it was replaced with a new one. Seems to be working OK now Great service - thanks guys
  6. I seem to have a problem with the above GPS which I have just bought and linked up to my Nexstar 130 SLT. I have gone into Utilities Menu and set it to GPS on and when I go back to the main menu and select sky align the message comes up "GPS linking" as it should and "Local = a time that is not correct" Am I doing something wrong - or has anyone else had this problem. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Great to hear you got clear skies - your having fun - I can almost picture the size of your grin. There's tons of stuff up there to keep you amazed for a lifetime - however I still think our moon takes a lot of beating - it still takes my breath away (is that a cue for a song )
  8. Seems there are a few peeps interested in at least meeting up for a chat and to see where that might take us - obviously this is a busy time so after new Year would be the best time. Coud anyone suggest a pub maybe and some tentative dates
  9. Great report Mark - I love the scope, looks great and appears to tick all the boxes.
  10. Not good here in West Yorkshire - managed a couple hours last night though so according to the forecast thats that for a couple of days - Monday may be OK
  11. Hi - Wetherby is where I'm based and keen to meet up - I'll keep an eye open on this forum for developments. There are quite a few of us about
  12. Just a thought - golf clubs have bars - plenty of car parking and wide open spaces and reasonably dark sites. You would have to be a bit picky on the ones that you approach - some are a bit sniffy in terms of having non members in for a drink!! However many would welcome an increase in bar takings on a cold clear winters night
  13. Duns

    New scope

    Hi and welcome to SGL
  14. Duns


    Hi and welcome to SGL
  15. Hi and welcome to SGL
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