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  1. Clocked it in my 10x30 IS bins. Couldn;t make out a tail though. Good sky at the mo: lovejoy, orion, jupiter right across my viewing area.
  2. brewaskew.....sorry to hear that, but also glad to hear our wall to wall cloud coverage and heavy rain (this is summer!!) hasn't meant we've missed out on the "greatest skyshow in a quarter century" as some were predicting! sounds very familiar to a certain December comet...
  3. hmmmm...going by comments here, it sounds like lovejoy is much the better target right now that ISON!
  4. Been out since 5.40am near Aldershot, Surrey with 10 x 30 bins....beautifully clear skies but pretty washed out from the moon. Walked down to village green for open Southern vista and forgot my maps! Fairly certain I was looking at an extremely faint ISON SW of Spica....no chance with Lovejoy without maps, although by the sounds of it, Lovejoy might have been the easier of the two to spot if I knew where to look! I did see a fantastic fireball/meteor radiating from the Plough towards Bootes at 5.58am. It left a naked-eye smoke trial for about 40 seconds that lit up beautifully in the moonlight
  5. I saw panstarrs this evening...or at least, I think I did. Below and to the right of the cresent moon at about 6.45pm with my binoculars. I'd driven around for about 45 minutes looking for a vantage point but with no joy. Although it was clear overhead, there was cloud on the westerly horizon so I went home disappointed. Parked the car on the drive and thought I'd just check the view from about 4 doors down the road and there it was! I'm 99% certain i was looking at the right thing: faint, small fuzzy blob just above the treeline with a fainter broadening tail that extended from the oppopsite
  6. I'll have to pass on that Steve. My little one'll Rubbish her pants if I drag her up there! She'll be on the lookout for Gruffalos and won't sleep for weeks! Give us a report here if you score! Clear skies. tb
  7. Possible break in the clouds tomorrow (tue) evening. Anyone have any good spots for Comet viewing. My immediate local Westerly horizons don't cut it. Had thought I could try up on the Hog's Back, but heard there are some unsavoury activites that go on in some of those laybys and I want to take my little 6yr girl with me....see if we can spot Panstarrs together. Any thoughts? Cheers, tb
  8. Spent a few hours out on my deck near Guildford on Wednesday night with a mate, a bottle of red and a pouch of tobacco, from 11pm to 1am. Sky was patchy but cleared towards the end of the sesh. We reckon we counted about 20. Mostly small ones travelling otuward from radiant in all directions. One particularly bright one charged straight down midway through the session....the only one I didn't see of course (rolling a fag!). And damn....was it cold!!
  9. Well, thanks for all the very educational insights folks. It was actually the one on Astro B&S that triggered my original question.....and I am now in possession of said eyepiece! The fella that sold it was very helpful and from what i can see, his assertion that it is in mint condition seems to be true. It is a real beauty without a blemish anywhere, at least to my eye. It is 4 months old and I am now praying for some clear skies before the moon intervenes next week. Thanks for everyone's advice. I am confident I got a great eyepiece for my scope and will provide an update whne I finally
  10. I have found this thread to be very educational, especially in relation to exit pupil. Something I know understand. Thank you all. In reading further research regarding the ES 30mm, I believe that wide field EPs in fast(ish) dobs can lead to issues with coma. Does anyone think I am likely to find this a problem with the ES 30mm 82degree EP in my f/4.7 dob? Bearing in mind I have not yet spent any significant time with Naglers et al, am I likely to notice this? Should I already be preparing for adding a coma corrector to my armoury? Many thanks, Tb
  11. Thanks Robin. I notice you have a 32mm PanaView and a 28mm Meade 5000 for what I assume is a similar scope to me (your SkyW 200P). Would you not put these forward as possible alternatives that I should consider? Or perhaps your scope is actually not as similar to mine as I assume?? Rgds, Tom
  12. I have a 10" Skywatcher Flex Dob. My current primary eyepieces are BST Explorer 8mm and 15mm which were the perfect upgrades from the standard issue ones I received with the scope. However, now I understand that magnification isn't everything, I want something for deep space viewing - especially various diffuse and hard-to-see nebulae, and galaxies. I have been resisting a 2inch eyepiece as it will mean I will also then need a new UHC filter (my 1.25" Astronomik is great!) but I now believe that if I want true wide-field viewing, then I have no option but to look at 2inch eyepieces. Can anyone
  13. Would love to but can't. Desperate to get into Sagittarius which I can't see from home....but off to North Devon for a week. Taking the bins, but no room for the scope with family (and surfboards) jammed!
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