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  1. Hey Thank you for all the responces! Armed with a William Optics 1.25" CF and a few breaks in the cloud I managed to get Vega defocused and the line was gone... In goes the 1.25" 45 Degree and the line retuns It appears that there is some sort of inperfection in the prism a very thin line that can be seen only just in daylight. Problem solved! Thanks again for the help!!
  2. I tried on Vega as well and the same line was there... I also tried a street light and again same thing so its definatly not a wire in the garden as the scope was being moved. Possibly a thread however I cant actaully see it anywhere in the scope so I am starting to think its the 45 degree prism however I dont have an extension tube to actually test this Thanks for the replies
  3. Hello, Just a quick question as its 2am and I am up early... I was out earlier with my 80mm refractor and decided to do a quick star test on Polaris and noticed a strange line right through the middle of the defocused star. Please see attached image. I checked the lens as well as inside the tube and everything appears as it should. I then moved onto trying different eyepieces with a barlow and without just to make sure it was not them and all showed the same line... Any Ideas? Please note the image was taken very quickly through the eyepiece with my iPhone which is why it is not completely r
  4. Hey Just a real quick question I currently use a Tripod with the Tripod adaptor on my Skywatcher ST80 when traveling as the weight is tiny however I am looking at the Skywatcher AZ4 Alt-Az to use as my grab and go mount at home and was wondering what Dovetail would I need to attach the ST80 to the AZ4. Would one of the Skywatcher options from FLO work well enough? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetail-bars/skywatcher-dovetail-mounting-plates.html Another question is how well does the Vixen Mini Porta work I seem to read mixed reviews about certain aspects of quality which is surprising...
  5. Hey, It took about 2 hours to get the focus tube flocked due to such a tiny space to work in but feel it was well worth the effort as there was almost no reflection in the tube accept slightly on the baffles which unfortunately are to small to flock I have been looking at the William Optics 1.25" Carbon Design Dielectric 90 degree today on FLO and will possibly go with that one. I was actually shocked how bad the equipment that comes standard with these scopes actually is and its a good job most of the money goes on the scope! On a side note was happy with the quality of the coated optics on
  6. Hello This is nothing new and many people on here and the internet have already done these mods however I decided to do them straight out the box on my new Skywatcher ST80. I also tried a few new mods that I have not seen done yet and am really pleased with the results and I just wanted to share with you guys. I flocked the tube infront and behind the baffle and then decided to flock the baffle as well while I was at it... Although not perfect 99% of the original surface is covered. Forgive my working mess! I also decided to flock the internal tube of the focuser inbetween the baffles and h
  7. Awesome guys it seems to be a great little scope to travel with it has enough aperture to see something yet small enough to carry! I think I will go with the Skywatcher from FLO as it is up for sale at £90.00 which is a superb price really could simply not grumble at even if I tried Thanks
  8. Hey Guys Going away later in the year for about a month and really want to take a small low weight telescope with me. Looking at all the pros and cons of taking a reflector or a refractor I have decided to go with the Skywatcher Startravel 80 OTA to be used with either a decent Camera tripod and the tabletop EQ1 and the Baader Semi APO filter. Do you guys know the difference between this scope and the Orion Short Tube 80 or is it effectively the same scope as I have read fairly reasonable reviews on the Orion. I noticed the prices seem to jump around some being as pricy as £255 and others dow
  9. Was out around 19:00 the twilight sky was a deep blue with Venus and Jupiter looking very bright to the west. I set up the scope at the front of the garden and by doing so the moon was hidden from view behind my house and leaving what seemed like no light pollution there was an aura about the inky sky and the placement that gave me a great feeling that I was going to get some great views and wow it did not disappoint!! I must of watched Jupiter for close on an hour and Venus for what seemed like hours both at 180x and it the best observing I have had since I started watching the sky! Jupiter l
  10. Really newbie question but how would the Skywatcher Evostar 100ED DS-Pro compare to a 4.5" Reflector in terms of planet and lunar detail? Thanks for the replys so far very helpful!!
  11. Do you guys also know if the Dual-Speed 11:1 2” Crayford Focuser (Backlash-Free) that comes with the Evostar 100ED has a 2" - 1.25" reducer? Thanks again
  12. Thanks for the reply! I have to admit I have seen quite alot of people on older forum posts saying the Evostar 150 is massive at 1200mm which was also one of the reasons I decided against a 10" Skyliner simply due to the size of the beast and trying to fit it in my car to travel to Dark skies! When compared to say a 114mm Reflector of ruffly the same focal length as the Evostar 100ED DS-Pro how much better will this scope perform on again visual moon, planets any bright objects! Thanks again
  13. Hey guys just a super fast question about refractors! For general use on Planets and Lunar mainly I was thinking about either of these and just wanted some thoughts! I would use both scopes on an EQ5. 1# Skywatcher Evostar 150 OTA used with a Baader Semi APO Filter. First Light Optics - Skywatcher Evostar 150 OTA First Light Optics - Baader Semi APO Filter 2# Skywatcher Evostar 100ED DS-Pro First Light Optics - Skywatcher Evostar 100ED DS-Pro Outfit Thanks for assistance!
  14. Thanks for all the replys! In answer to some questions the mount is not motorised and was left outside from early afternoon to late evening so over 6 hours so I doubt the double effect was a cooling issue. I have Televue Radians so double checked they where all screwed together and they seem fine. I decided to fully re-collimate the Telescope earlier on today and have been out testing it however some major light pollution from the moon and early night rural lighting the conditions are simply not great at the moment. I will have another look at Mars later on tonight to see if the problem is st
  15. Sorry the above image is a Microsoft paint example of what Mars was appearing like through my scope. The same thing was happening at any magnification on all eyepieces so I am guessing it's some sort of misalignment.
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